YUZU SALT (ゆずの塩) Producer: Mera Foods Prefecture: Miyazaki. Unlike ramen noodles, which are served in a rich broth with toppings, soba noodles are often served plain with just a simple, soy based dipping sauce on the side. Bando Farm’s Yuzu Salt is so versatile that it can be used in all kinds of cuisines from Japanese to Western to Asian. Instead of dipping the food into a sauce, you delicately touch the fried food into the salt to pick up a hint of flavor and to enhance the flavor of the food. Japanese soba noodles, made from buckwheat, have a buttery smooth nutty flavor. Wash the yuzu, grate the zest, or peel the skin and chop it up in a food processor. Its refreshing citrus aroma and mild saltiness perfectly accompany deep fried dishes, such as French fries, tempura, and fried chicken, as well as grilled dishes like steaks and barbecues. You can also use it when cooking but try to add it as close to the end as possible to maximum its flavor.Nutritional information: N/A, CREATIVE BEGINNINGS: Redefining "Wa" (Japanese Cooking Essentials), Kanagawa Nourishing Essentials Care Package: Seaside Gateway to Japan, Pickled Plum Care Package [Limited Edition], JAPANESE SNACKS AND SWEETS: “Raku” (Delivery within Japan only), Kanagawa Nourishing Essentials Care Package: Seaside Gateway to Japan [Limited Availability] (Delivery within Japan only), Pickled Plum Care Package [Limited Edition] (Delivery within Japan only). Suki Tokusan was founded as a way to bolster the declining population of Suki, a small village in Miyazaki Prefecture located on Kyushu island and separated from the neighboring Kagoshima Prefecture by a range of volcanic mountains known as Kirishima Mountains. Yahoo! serving suggestion: If you know Yuzu, you might recognize the sharp, not so sweet character coming through, with its underlying citrus dancing around on your buds. It is used to make liquor (such as yuzukomachi, 柚子小町) and wine. Honda Shoten uses 100 years of traditional raw soba making methods to create their additive-free, homemade soba from freshly ground domestic buckwheat flour. Nutritional information: N/A. Its refreshing citrus aroma and mild saltiness perfectly accompany deep fried dishes, such as French fries, tempura, and fried chicken, as well as grilled dishes like steaks and barbecues. Ingredients: Salt (from Miyazaki prefecture), yuzu (from Miyazaki prefecture)Suggested uses: Sprinkle on soups, pasta, chicken, fish, or vegetables just before serving, or on sweets such as ice cream. It leaves a wonderful feel of salt in the middle of your tongue. This yuzu-blended finishing salt is a perfect addition to your kitchen, simply because it’s exquisite and unique. You can dress up your ice cream and sorbet with Yuzu Salt, add it to your chocolate desserts, and perfect your concoction with a hint of yuzu elegance. Add some pizzazz to marinades, sauces or sprinkle over your favorite fried foods. Spa treatments often use yuzu as well, as the scent helps to soothe, comfort and relieve stress. In Shinto belief, salt has the power to purify land and guard a home from impurities. When viewed from far away, the Kirishima Mountain range appears like an island floating in a sea of fog, and is full of lush beautiful nature. Yuzu salt can be described as floral, zesty, bright and exciting. Suki village merged with the nearby city of Miyazaki after its population fell to only 2,000 people. Ingredients: Yuzu peel, granulated sugar, citric acid, vitamin CSuggested uses: Enjoy as is or chop finely and sprinkle on yogurt or ice cream, or stir into muffin batter or scone dough.Nutritional information: N/A, YUZU SOBA NOODLES WITH TSUYU DIPPING SAUCE (柚子そば)Producer: Honda shotenPrefecture: Shimane. With a desire to revive the area and bring attention to its agricultural treasures, Suki Tokusan began specializing in locally grown ingredients, such as chestnuts and yuzu, to create their own regional products such these yuzu senbei and sour yuzu chips. Tokushima is famous for its yuzu. Yuzurikko was founded by Sumie Misawa, a 66-year-old woman who noticed that many pesticide-free yuzu in the area were being thrown away or left unused, as aging farmers were no longer able to hike into the mountains to harvest them. Recipe: Homemade Japanese Ponzu 25g salt. Yuzu kosho (柚子胡椒) is a pasty Japanese condiment that’s made with fresh yuzu zest, green Thai chili peppers, and salt. Compared to other candied yuzu peels, these Sour Yuzu Chips emphasize the sourness of the peel to achieve a balance of acidity and sweetness known as amazuppai in Japanese. Salt is also cherished in Japanese food. Especially in the Kyushu region of Japan, it is widely used for a variety of foods. One rare variety of sansho, known as asakura sansho, is sought after by chefs at high-class Japanese restaurants and three-star restaurants around the world due to its unique flavor and mild spiciness.

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