If a woodpecker is pecking your home, it can cause serious damage and can even reduce the value of your house. Do not use any form … Understanding why woodpeckers peck on houses. During the breeding season, woodpeckers are probably just pecking your house because it makes a loud noise, and that helps them find a suitable mate. Most often they’re drumming to attract a mate, nesting, or searching for food. Woodpecker Anatomy . Woodpeckers are a beautiful and nationally protected bird, however, they frequently choose homes as their pecking locations. There are 3 main reasons a woodpecker might peck on your house. Woodpeckers have special physical adaptations that allow them to peck quickly and repeatedly on hard objects without hurting themselves. Thicker skulls cushion the birds' brains and heads from hard impacts, and strong neck muscles allow them to … Because woodpeckers are nationally protected birds, it is illegal to kill them.

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