Hold the bottom cubby dividers in place and use a level to ensure they are straight. Repeat for the middle row and top row of shelves. Cut the side shelves, wall cleats for the side shelves, closet rod and top shelf (Image 2). DIY Customizable Closet. « How to Winterize Your House With 5 Easy Tips, Which Leaf Blower is the Best? Attach each side support to the side walls of the closet at the appropriate height by screwing them into the studs. Your email address will not be published. Make sure it is level and then screw this support to the studs along the back wall. Newer materials such as magnesium and aluminum alloys have reached the tools lighter. Supplies: 4x – 2×2’s 8′ long – Pine; 5x – 11/16x16x36″ Edge-Glued Panel “Hobbyboard” – Spruce * *You can also buy longer boards and cut them to size. Attach the horizontal supports to the studs of the wall. All of your boards will be 0.75″ (3/4″) thick. (Ideally, each location of your closet that you’ll want to place a shelf, you should take measurements at that location). The Creative Home Projects Bundle. Prime and paint all wood … I bought these thick gray ones afor guests to use. Tutorial to build wood shelving for a closet. - Miter Saw Tip - Thrift Diving. . Divine theme by Restored 316, Last Day! Your email address will not be published. Use large vacuum storage bags to store big quilts and blankets. when to use wood filler and when to use caulk. General Finishes High-Performance Top Coat, where I featured this DIY closet makeover, 18-gauge brad nailer with 1 – 1/4″ brad nails, Wood screws and construction adhesive (optional), 1 x 12 pine boards (or you can use sheets of plywood if you’d like to cut wider boards), 1 x 2 pine boards (or 1 x 3 pine boards) for support. Toss them in a big plastic container to keep all that plastic contained. You'll love … Fill any nail holes with wood filler. Measure and mark the lumber for the two side shelves, four wall cleats for the side shelves, closet rod and top shelf (Image 1). Cut the strips of MDF to the correct length for your shelves. They’ll smush all the air out and you’ll get more space. This post contains affiliate links which may … Your miter saw cut is too long! 1"x2" pine board to create the side supports (two 14" pieces for each shelf), 1"x2" poplar boards to create an attractive facing for each shelf (amount depends on the size of your shelves and closet). Prime and paint all wood parts after cutting (Image 3). Easy and affordable diy wood closet shelves ideas 71 . It is easiest to paint all of the pieces of wood for your closet shelves before installing them. Your shelves will be, too. Remove everything from the closet including old shelves you will no longer be using. It costs about $20 a linear foot (our 10 foot closet cost $200) to build. Easy and affordable diy wood closet shelves ideas 72 . Simply cut another 1"x2" board to the length of your shelves minus three inches. Believe me when I say that no wall is completely straight. Apply Pre-Conditioner (If Using Pine) This is a lesson it took a while to learn in my DIY experience. Make sure that each shelf support is level. See more ideas about Shelves, Diy furniture, Closet shelves. To create the cubby dividers, cut more MDF to size. If you are building straightforward shelves, you also need to add wood supports along the back wall of the closet. Patch any holes in the walls with spackle and give the interior of the closet a fresh coat of paint if needed. If your supports are crooked, guess what?? Log in, Oh No! Apr 13, 2019 - A reader favorite, our wood closet shelving plans are easy to build, easy to customize, and budget friendly! Caulk all of the seams and then touch up the paint as needed. (If you don't have a power saw, you can have all of the cuts done at the store when you purchase your supplies.).

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