When you harvest your potatoes makes a big difference in how they will store. Mid-season : Even if your mid-season potatoes went in the ground in early spring, they need much more time to grow than early potatoes. Early-season plants consume less space in garden beds than other types, and they are less likely to succumb to diseases like blight. This is the point in time where the question arises about the right and best time to harvest potatoes. Harvesting Potatoes. There are two ways to harvest potatoes that have to do with when to collect them and the purpose that they will have once harvested. Harvesting potatoes when plants are still green up on top results in “new” potatoes. Small, immature potatoes, generally called new potatoes, can be harvested any time after the tubers have begun to form and are an inch or more in diameter. Be sure to pick a dry day to harvest as harvesting potatoes and storing them when they are wet means they will rot. When thinking of a harvesting, consider the day that you go out to harvest seriously as this can greatly impact the storage quality of the potatoes. Potatoes can actually be harvested at any point during the growing season – but need to be mature when trying to store. Potatoes can be served in many various way and are thus still very popular among Germans. Loosen the soil near a potato vine and carefully dig into the hill or ridge where the potatoes are growing. Later Harvest. In the North, harvest the main storage crop in September, when the days are getting cool and frost isn't far off. Harvesting potatoes. Remember though that the more baby potatoes you dig, the fewer full-sized ones you will have for later in the season. Keep soil over the potatoes to prevent sunlight from turning them green. Early planted potatoes: If all goes well and you’ve planted early enough without encountering a surprisingly wet and freezing spring you should be able to harvest potatoes mid-summer. That is why more and more hobby gardeners want to cultivate and harvest their own potatoes. If you want new potatoes, which are small, immature potatoes about 1 to 2 inches in size, harvest them just before their vines die. They can be further categorized by their recommended harvest times and divided into early, mid-season, and late-season crops. That's when the plant tops are dying and sending the last of the vines' energy underground to the tubers.

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