The Net Advance of Physics – MIT If motion first started on earth, it would explain why the cosmic red shift points to the earth at the center of the universe, maybe because motion first started here? If this is true that 23% of the Helium in the universe is unexplained , there is a little known fact that Helium 3 and 4 can not freeze even at an alleged 0 Kelvin temperature. Large Hadron Collider: Could the Higgs Boson Decay Into Dark Matter? Theorists work with experimental scientists to develop new avenues to explore the Standard Model. Is it just coincidence or are people able to do things we think are impossible ? ….. A fourth arguement which has been used to support the Big Bang theory is that it would account for the abundance of helium we find in the universe. It sounds difficult, but it’s fairly … What Is The Standard Model of Particle Physics? However, we do not yet know whether the Higgs boson also gives mass to neutrinos – ghostly particles that interact very rarely with other matter in the universe. Crab Nebula – Wikipedia see: ” The red shift hypothesis for quasars: Is the earth the center of the universe? Now I am a funded member of the Cryonics Institute near Detroit Michigan, for more information following video on youtube is from the Cryonics Institute, their motto is : Why does it look that way? re Most nickel is from asteroids from outer space…a huge asteroid near Mars is said to be of nickel ? ), ”. And is it, like for 100%% sure, that there is no under laying substructure of an electron?…. An image of a flying Dalmatian Pelican, taken by Alwin Hardenbol, has been awarded Overall Winner in the British Ecological Society’s annual photography competition, ‘Capturing…. East–West Schism – Wikipedia What a dull name for the most accurate scientific theory known to human beings. Electromagnetism is carried by photons and involves the interaction of electric fields and magnetic fields. Discovery of Submarine Freshwater Offshore of Hawai’i Raises Hopes for Islands Worldwide, From Fins to Limbs and Water to Land: Evolution of Terrestrial Movement in Early Tetrapods, Blast From the Past: Breakthrough in Centuries-Old Effort to Unravel Astronomical Mystery, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. From 1985, wow, they question if MUONS decay faster than the speed of light? If all of the dark matter in the universe were baryonic, then there would be much less deuterium in the universe than is observed. A feature of their quantum properties is that no two fermions can occupy the same place at once, allowing them to build everything from atoms to planets. 102. Question: If the universe is at 3 Kelvin and the LHC at Cern operated at 2 Kelvin then: When was the last time the universe was at 2 Kelvin? Under the Steady State Galaxy theory, the nuclear fusion process which is expelling the material from the neutroid would generate large amounts of helium as well as other light elements and is the source of the excess helium found in the universe.”. Wiki Oct 12th 2020. The quantum theory used to describe the micro … But it didn’t begin as a table. It is the most rigorous theory of particle physics, incredibly precise and accurate in its predictions. The fourth fundamental force is gravity, which is not adequately explained by the Standard Model. Did people start motion here on Earth? The standard model shows how elementary “quantum” particles interact to form the known universe (so it explains the fundamental building blocks of nature like quarks, electrons, and photons and their interactions). Can Vitamin D Supplements Prevent COVID-19 or Reduce Symptoms? Is there anything in the universe other than human beings on earth that can created a 10 billion dollar machine that operates at 2 Kelvin and can generate a Higgs muon that allegedly can decay faster that the speed of light? ” source Wikipedia. This article describes the mathematics of the Standard Model of particle physics, a gauge quantum field theory containing the internal symmetries of the unitary product group SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1). This neutroid is similar to a neutron star but is very much larger and has reached a size where the pressure and temperature at its surface are great enough to generate a nuclear fusion process. since helium 3 and 4 can not freeze ? where the planet itself winds up rotating rapidly after that collision, We explain the standard model of particle physics in simple terms for non-experts using videos, facts, and bullet points. We talk a lot about the Standard Model of Particle Physics here at ScienceAlert - you know, the "theory of almost everything" that's the best set of equations we have to … These are ruled by the electromagnetic, weak and strong forces. When you ask the question, “what are the odds that an Earth-like planet will have a Moon that’s comparable in angular size to the Sun,” you’re really asking what the odds are of: having an Earth-like planet, which is an Earth-sized planet at the right distance from its star for liquid water on its surface, All coins and currencies of the United States (including. The Standard Model., Comet ISON – Wikipedia DOE has a long history of supporting research into fundamental particles. ” At the center of each galaxy is a neutroid which acts to constantly recycle all the matter and energy in the galaxy. Despite its success at explaining the universe, the Standard Model does have limits. Also, physicists understand that about 95 percent of the universe is not made of ordinary matter as we know it. It’s remarkable that science, ” 10 LBS – PURE NICKEL – Bullion – OLD Canada nickels – all dates before 1981, Daniel Izzo former governor of the United States Trust Territory of Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land Antarctica from 2009 – 2013 ) ( map attached ), ” Tracing the expansion back revealed that the nebula must have become visible on Earth about 900 years before. All topic-based articles are determined by fact checkers to be correct and relevant at the time of publishing. Notice the red shift of cosmic light in the back ground stars in the Comet Ison where are they pointing to and moving away from ? A Photo of the comet Ison showing the redshift of cosmic light in the background stars pointing to Earth as the center of the universe. Researchers supported by the DOE Office of Science, often in collaboration with scientists from around the world, have contributed to Nobel Prize-winning discoveries and measurements that refined the Standard Model. The Standard Model is a set of mathematical formulae and measurements describing elementary particles and their interactions. › redingtn › www › netadv › ftlNuSwift, [Physics Letters B 158, 227 (1985)]; Are muon neutrinos faster-than-light particles? … Breaking the light speed barrier by O. I. Chashchina and Z. K. Silagadze [Acta … Neutrinos Exist but not Higgs Bosons? … Now, there is a question. The table is also organized to represent how these teeny, tiny bits of matter interact with the fundamental forces of nature. SciTechDaily: Home of the best science and technology news since 1998. If helium 3 and 4 can escape most gravitational fields – why couldn’t the composition of dark matter in the universe be helium 3 or 4 gravity particles ? The amount of helium present (24%) cannot be accounted for by star production and according to Gamow it was generated by the Big Bang. They include photons, the particles of light that communicate the electromagnetic force; gluons, which provide the strong nuclear force that bind quarks together to form protons and neutrons; W & Z bosons, which deal with the weak nuclear force; and the famous Higgs particle, which explains why some particles have mass under particular conditions.

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