You can even make your self look much bigger (and even taller) than you actually are. Yes, you read that right – ISOLATE THE MUSCLE! The 8×8 workout was one of the the best for building muscle quickly due to its high intensity. THIS is what bodybuilding should be, could be and still can be…the natural, classical physique. They live identical lifestyles, eat the same food and get the same amount of recovery. Vince Gironda's 8 x 8 is an outstanding method of training because it allows you to hit every body part three times a week in a short amount of time. Train 3 times a week. Today this is more commonly known as continuous tension aka “not locking out.”. So I bought my first Gironda courses: Blueprint for the bodybuilder and the six week Bulk Course. Some became completely unavailable after Vince passed away in 1997. “You must work the body as a unit, you must do whole body exercises, you must activate as much muscle mass as possible” the trainers all preach to their clients. Two people with identical bodies – twins even – could do the same workout set for set, rep for rep, pound for pound. More importantly, it was quality, all-natural muscle. Disclosure: Burn the Fat Blog posts may use affiliate links to third-party websites and online stores, including Amazon, and may earn a commission if products or books are purchased, at no cost to you. Do 10 sets of 10 reps. That’s it. June 8, 2016. I want to share a few with you. On movements where the muscle is resting at the end range of motion, you maintain tension by stopping short of the end range. In this article, I’m going to list for you the most Powerful, most effective, most quick-to-produce-results techniques that I adopted from Vince. Vince even noted that it was Pythagoras who observed the first rules of symmetry in nature and set those rules to be applied in the construction of Greek temples. It didn’t take long before I could feel my lats contract the way I feel my biceps squeeze at the top of a concentration curl. I’ve tried it myself and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it works. Diamond Calves, In The Spotlight. The split below is an example of what a program like this might look like. Vince went even beyond the concept of isolation – he would pinpoint the exact exercises to activate an exact strand of a particular muscle in order to develop that exalted illusion. They were further elaborated upon by Leonardo Da Vinci as applied to ideal proportions of the human body. Almost every beginner and intermediate bodybuilder I have ever met says they have a hard time feeling some of their muscles contract – especially their lats. His training systems included 15 sets of 4, 3 sets of 12, 6 sets of 6, 10 sets of 10 and 4 exercises in a giant set - one for each "side" of the muscle. Subscribe (it's free) and every week I’ll show you the best science-based ways to burn fat, build muscle, and transform your body, naturally, without diet or fitness industry B.S. The Vince Gironda Inspired 8x8 Workout Should you opt for a bodybuilding split, stick to three or four exercises for the larger muscle groups like legs, chest, and back. Wicked Willie Total Posts: 16578: gironda's routine for over 40years old. The proponent of such a revolutionary workout? The 8×8 workout was the brainchild of legendary fitness pioneer Vince GiRonda. Unleashing The Wild Physique With Vince Gironda and The Golden Age of Bodybuilding. Don’t Just Get Big Get Beautiful . I love the stuff that shows up on You Tube. Hang on a minute: Isn’t this the opposite of holding the muscle in the contracted position as per the 6 second hold? However, Gironda was a visionary, decades ahead of his time. These have been dubbed by many as the single best lat exercise ever invented!

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