Lesser vasa parrots are very lively birds. You can also purchase Vasa Parrot from a breeder. There are two species of Vasa Parrot: the Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa) and the Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra). Perhaps because they lack a strong pair bond, pet Greater Vasas often turn out to be mellow birds that can go to anyone in the family. If you are interested in adopting a Vasa Parrot, bird rescue groups and even your local animal shelter might have Vasa Parrots available for adoption, although the chances of finding an available rare species like the Vasa Parrot may be slim. This greyish, black African parrot (Corocopsis vasa) is not seen very often as a pet, but I met a friendly, hand-fed, weaned baby at a bird mart recently. Vasa chicks are known to hatch after only 18–20 days of incubation, which is highly irregular as parrots of the vasa size range tend to take up to 30 days to hatch. Do not underestimate their intelligence.". Imagine coming home from work to see the cage on in a pile on the floor and your parrot standing on top of it. Vasa Parrots are famous for their voracious appetites. Include a nesting box large enough for your Vasa Parrot (available at bird specialty stores, pet-supply stores or online) and plenty of perches of various sizes. Here is her input: "He's taken apart 3 cages and 2 play stands. Please Note: The articles or images on this page are the sole property of the authors or photographers. I found that the more I worked with commands the more I realized just how intelligent they are. The Vasa Parrot is about the same size as another gray parrot, the African Grey, but the Vasa Parrot’s body shape is much different. Hand reared baby parrots for sale UK . These birds are susceptible to avian flu, beak and feather disease, and egg binding. My bird room was immaculate until the seal colored cockatoo arrived.....oh, they love to fling things, drop them onto your head, and in other ways play target practice with you. The lovely photos that Cherie Morales, from Northglenn, Colorado, so kindly provided reflect the fun nature of this parrot . The two species prefer different habitats, with the Greater Vasa Parrot living in dry forest areas and the Lesser Vasa Parrot living in humid forest areas. Click on a term to search for related topics. If you are thinking of a grey parrot as a pet Rosemary Low’s A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pets and Aviary Birds provides a good starting point. The vasa parrot is a genus (Coracopsis) of medium-sized birds that are rarely seen in aviculture.It is divided into three species known as greater vasa parrot, lesser vasa parrot, and Seychelles black parrot. Female Vasa Parrots might become moody, territorial or aggressive during mating season. As with all bird species, be sure to do adequate research to ensure the breeder you’re looking to buy from is experienced and sells healthy birds raised in a humane environment. As with most parrots, Vasa Parrots demand a great deal of your time and attention in order to be happy. The body feathers will also change color from gray-black to more of a brown. Full of surprises and unusual traits, these pet parrots are arguabl… The diet of the vasa parrot is a mixture of fruit and seeds. Vasa Parrot Grooming. Its beak is not strong enough to destroy the hard wood. At a minimum, a Vasa Parrot should be house in a cage that is at least 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 36 inches tall. The bird was an extremely calm, interested, and sweet parrot. The lovely photos that Cherie Morales, from Northglenn, Colorado, so kindly provided reflect the fun nature of this parrot. Baobab trees are particularly popular in West Madagascar and several nests may be built in the same tree at the same time. Hand reared African grey parrot . The Lesser Vasa Parrot is also known as the black parrot. It is an extremely Intelligent and cunning. It is divided into three species known as greater vasa parrot, lesser vasa parrot, and Seychelles black parrot. He only chews wood toys during mouting season. Both male and female Vasa Parrots are a dark-gray color all over with a grayish-black beak. Set up a play gym with lots of toys to keep your Vasa Parrot’s mind and body active and entertained. Even if you have a large enclosure as is recommended for these parrots, your Vasa Parrot should be out of its enclosure as much as possible to allow for stretching its wings, flying and generally moving around and playing. The vasa parrot breeding season is between October and January. Thank you. Although relatively heathy, Vasa Parrots might be prone to developing Psittacine beak and feather disease, which is a viral disease affecting certain parrots and other birds. The Vasa Parrot has a somewhat strange appearance, but it makes for a great pet. Additionally, the beaks of male and female Vasa Parrots lighten until they are nearly white during mating season. 3 days ago. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Terms Of Use / Copyright Restrictions, Site Privacy Policy | Report Abuse | Website Administrator | Web Design by Drupal Development Services. Vasa Parrots also like to take baths. Murphy LOVES foraging toys. Like for interest current theory suggests that vasas are the genetic link between parrots and raptors. terms. Common Names: Vasa Parrot, Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa), Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra), Scientific Name: Coracopsis vasa, Coracopsis nigra, Adult Size: About 20 inches (17 ounces) long. These are curious parrots that need toys and foraging activities to keep them happy. He likes to snuggle at in the evening he loves to run, hop, and literately roll around on you if your lying down on the couch. He also has a lot of different songs that he whistles, most of which he makes up. Unfortunately they sing quite loudly, especially during breeding the female continually beeps. Please note: Any content published on this site is commentary or opinion, and is protected under Free Speech. Foraging activities are a big hit with Vasa Parrots, as are interactive toys, puzzle toys, mechanical toys, chewable toys, and baby toys and rattles, and anything else your Vasa Parrot can investigate and manipulate. It is only provided for educational and entertainment purposes, and is in no way intended as a substitute for The female Greater Vasa Parrot has an unusual molt that you should be prepared for. Their lively behavior and impressive intelligence leave no one indifferent- not to mention their truly majestic appearance.

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