Many are hardly aware about the meaning of moles on the face. A mole on the inner side of the upper lip represents a person skilled in mantras and mystic forces. When there are twin moles irrespective of their location, the person possesses a dual nature. If there is a mole on either of your eyelids (especially the right one), it may mean that you will be rich and famous. If you have twin moles on the back of the palm almost in the middle, it is an indication of good and rich life. A mole at the lower end of the nose tip symbolizes several times of marriage and divorce caused by lust; also, it is a sign of bad luck for wealth. Mole above the Mouth People with a mole above the mouth may give birth to twins after they get married! Mole on mars line shows timid nature of the bearer. Moles on forehead meaning ... between your nose and middle portion of your upper lips and having a mole there is an indication that you might have twin children in your life. A black spot on the life line indicates a deterioration in health or accident. Their meaning would also depend upon the size and shape of the mole. A mole on the inner side of the lower lip represents a person who becomes a drunkard and losses money on speculation. Twin molar pregnancy is a rare form of pregnancy in which a viable fetus coexists with a mole. "Moles are like a family, there should always be another mole that looks similar," explained Crilly. A mole on the nose wing represents the financial loss. If a round white spot is found, it shows trouble to the eyes. Moles on Chin Meaning . It usually contains genetic material from the father and misses the genetic material from the mother. However a mole on the forehead of a person indicates they will have wealth (financial) in life. A mole is a group of abnormal cells that are formed when genetic material of sperm and ovum are not transferred properly during fertilization. There have been various theories about the same. The presence of two moles, side by side, is indicative of a person being in love with two people. Cheek Moles on the right cheek represent a sensitive person who gives a lot of respect to his parents. When it comes to where the mole is placed here are some guidelines on what they mean: A mole that is situated on the right side of a person’s head and is visible means they will be successful in politics. A black spot on the head line shows accidents and injury to the head. Yes, from ancient times, moles on the body, especially on the face are known to have a certain meaning associated with them. A mole on right and left side of philtrum touching your upper lips indicates that you are a very talkative and open person with a curious and probing mind.

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