In my experience this is rare, but examine the gum to see if any wood particles are in it. Gummosis can be described as a situation in which there is a discharge of sap or gum from a tree. Avoid pruning in autumn, since open wounds can be infected by bacteria. 346. Gummosis can also be caused by an attack by borers. Gummosis in Simple Terms. Gummosis: Treatment and Control Cultural measures. By. Pruning during the winter and applying scar tissue is a good way to reduce infections. Wounds include frost cracks or sun scald, bark injury, cat scratching, hail, etc. Pinterest. Gummosis Treatment And Elimination | Get Rid Of Gummosis In Your Garden. The pathogens that cause gummosis enter a weeping cherry through wounds in its trunk or branches. Cytospora canker or Valsa canker, the fungal cause of gummosis, affects stone fruit trees like apricot, cherry, peach, and plum. WhatsApp. Once infected, the wounds turn into cankers that ooze tree gum. Keep the cherry trees with a good nutritional status. Gummosis can result from environmental stress, mechanical injury, or disease and insect infestation. Here’s a good article on bleeding cherries. Administrator - August 26, 2020. Gummosis not caused by a pathogen will run somewhat clear in color (but will dry to amber). Gummosis is a fairly common disease of weeping cherry trees that can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Facebook. Gummosis is the oozing of sap from wounds or cankers on fruit trees. Other causes include planting too deep, excessive irrigation, severe summer pruning, or over-bearing. It is mostly associated with stone fruits, apricots, peaches, and plums. Deficiencies in lime have been shown to favor bacterial infection. 0. Twitter. If there are several small pieces of sawdust in the gum, call your local Extension office (1-800-ASKUGA-1) for advice.

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