“And relationship-wise, people who are around you would also have to accept that.”. It is unexpected. You really don’t know whether you’ll like everything in the box,” he said, contrasting it with planned surgery, which is “relatively predictable” and where even the curve balls are those “you sort of expect”. That state of affairs showed up in the mortality rates, compared with a mature healthcare system like the United States’. Generally, his team members are left to their own devices to cope with a death. Despite the long hours and emotions running high sometimes, Dr Teo still manages to personify calm on the job – one of the key attributes he said a trauma surgeon must bring to a “very chaotic situation”. It is not a simple responsibility to bear, for one thing because trauma surgeons usually know little about what exactly has happened to their patients. But it was not always like this at TTSH or any other hospital. It takes more than a dislike of monotony, however, to do what he does. Best Viewed with IE 11, Chrome 69.0, Firefox 61.0, Safari 11, Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC) Course, Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN) Course, Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course, Basic Emergency Sonography for Trauma (BEST), Core Resuscitative Skills Training (CREST) Course, Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care (DATC) Course, Definitive Perioperative Nurses Trauma Care (DPNTC) Course, Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Course, Singapore Trauma & Acute Care Conference (STACC) 2020, Standardized Patient Models Opportunities, Critical Care Services and Anaesthesiology. “Part of this public awareness … is basically, for want of a better term, a scare tactic,” said Dr Teo, who would rather have fewer people coming in as trauma patients in the first place. Four elements appear to define an event as traumatic from a psychological point of view: It is an overwhelming event. “Imagine a soccer team like Real Madrid. That left an indelible impression on me because whatever we do to a patient, the downstream effect on the family – the four-year-old kid – is really large. Dr Teo had to order a head-to-pelvis scan, which showed no obvious fracture of the skull. If blood were to gush out, that would mean excess bleeding inside the area and having to open her up, an intrusive procedure he was hoping to avoid. I go for dinners with my phones on the table,” he said. To reduce the incidence of severe injuries, the first project his team is planning is to engage educational institutions such as primary schools. And they usually involve the young, who are not quick enough to avoid such collisions. And not everybody can do it.”, WATCH: What does it take to be a trauma surgeon - of whom there are just 10 in Singapore (Dur 11:34). He told her: “I saw that they (paramedics) were doing CPR on her. It looks like the email address you entered is not valid. The TTSH-NNI Trauma is a virtual integration of all the trauma services belonging to the two institutions. Over the one month that CNA Insider had to catch TTSH’s trauma team in action, it was rare to find Dr Teo without his caffeine fix – a cup of coffee – in his hands. “If there’s no trauma surgeon, then there’s essentially no leader in the group,” he said. She also serves as a coordinator for the trauma team in monitoring the progress and outcome of patients from the trauma centre and assist in identifying areas for improvement in the management of trauma. More news. Karen assumed the role of a Trauma Coordinator in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in 2003. The disciplines involved in TTSH-NNI Trauma are: These services are represented in the Trauma Committee, which is responsible for formulating treatment policies and guidelines, and running the various trauma programmes including the trauma training courses. Yen Teng joined the team in 2007 as a trauma coordinator.

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