The Marselle includes five stories of wood framing plus a wood mezzanine and six stories of concrete, two of which are above ground. Focuses on the cost and other benefits of wood-frame construction for student, senior and affordable housing projects. Rendering by DLR Group. Furniture is the most accessible, beautiful use of wood. For this mixed-use office complex, wood was used to save money and speed construction. Search and view case studies of timber buildings by Builder name. A team of internationally recognized industry leaders developed a design, engineering, and cost feasibility study to serve as an example for the design of a 12-story mixed-use mass timber tower in Seattle. lian and Raye Richardson Apartments – San Francisco, CA. Seattle Mass Timber Tower Case Study | 11 Cross-laminated timber was chosen over other floor assembly products such as dowel-laminated timber (DLT) or mass plywood panel (MPP) because of the higher number of available manufacturers and our interest to not negatively affect our cost model by material availability and limitations in the supply chain. Case Studies - TIMBER - Recent Projects & Success Stories TIMBER Projects Powered by People. Project Name: The Timber House. Case studies of historical and heritage buildings that draw attention to timber as one of the oldest and most durable building materials, with buildings still standing today that date back thousands of years. Various case studies showcasing some of NORclad's lastest timber cladding projects based all over the UK. Buildings that highlight the durability and stability of timber, including advances in engineered wood products that rival more traditional building materials in terms of strength, and the various treatments available to enhance timber's life and preserve its natural beauty. A leading biotechnology firm used CLT and glulam to create a unique 52,000-square-foot client and staff center, which is part of a 300,000-square-foot GMP facility. From the individual beauty of bespoke pieces to the broad appeal of mass produced items, wood adds liveability to any space. Size: 0.3MB Format: pdf. University of Washington used wood framing to meet ambitious design goals. At UMass Amherst, an Exposed Mass Timber Structure is a Teaching Tool. Duke Lower and Middle Schools – Durham, NC. Magic Timber & Steel Investment Evaluation with Net Present Value Case Solution. When Arena Stage reopened in 2010, it was the first modern structure of its size to use heavy timber components in the US capital. A spotlight on timber's natural features and vast range of available finishes, accentuating its beauty which, alongside its many other advantages, makes wood the building material of choice in a wide range of applications. © 2020 Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd. WoodSolutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in project development and design and construction in the built environment. Residential and commercial buildings that emphasise timber's flexibility, ease-of-use and myriad aesthetic qualities, making timber the perfect material for renovations and additions. Located on a former school site, calfordseaden provided architectural and principal designer services to transform this location into nine modern new dwellings for the executive and/or large family housing market. The Long Hall is a two-story urban infill project and the first commercial building in the US to be built from CLT. Franklin Elementary School – Franklin, WV, West Virginia Elementary School is first in U.S. to use CLT. The six-story Bullitt Center meets the requirements of the Living Building Challenge and is described as the ‘greenest commercial building in the world.’. The Bethel School District uses wood framing to reduce construction costs as well as energy consumption, leaving more money for education. Branson Convention Center – Branson, MO; Cathedral of Christ The Light – Oakland, CA; Raleigh-Durham International Airport Terminal 2 – Raleigh, NC; Saint Joseph Adoration Chapel – Belmont, NC. View Historical buildings case studies Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater – Washington, DC. Start studying 3.07 Case Study - Timber. Denver’s first CLT commercial office building puts sustainability to work, Wood framing  creates inspirational work environments that are code compliant, cost effective and sustainable, University of Massachusetts Design Building – Amherst, MA. Ju Building Type: Residential. Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS), Fire Regulation Compliance - Alternative Solutions, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), View Renovations & Additions case studies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Construction advantages sell hotel developer on CLT. 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; var iframe = d.createElement('iframe'); (iframe.frameElement || iframe).style.cssText = "width: 0; height: 0; border: 0;"; iframe.src = "javascript:false"; d.body.appendChild(iframe); var doc = iframe.contentWindow.document;''); doc.close(); })(document); At UMass Amherst, an Exposed Mass Timber Structure is a Teaching Tool, Construction advantages sell hotel developer on CLT, Nominate a project for a Wood Design Award, California Mass Timber Building Competition, Inventory of Mass Timber Acoustic Assemblies, Inventory of Fire Resistance-Tested Mass Timber Assemblies, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Flagship project in the heart of Atlanta connects developer with goals. Search and view case studies of timber buildings by Architect or Designer name. Herrington Recovery Center – Oconomowoc, WI. Search and view case studies of timber buildings by Engineer name. Download: 19_The Timber House. For this 6,000-square-foot rooftop addition to a 1950s-era brick and concrete warehouse, curved and beveled glulam beams were used to form an innovative roof. The design team for a new 300,500-square-foot high school saved $2.7 million by switching from the original design to wood framing. Case Studies The Meadows, Thurrock. Cost and environmental studies compare wood and steel building designs. var ssaUrl = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? This case study can be used as a stand-alone piece or companion to the WoodWorks design example, Five-story Wood-frame Structure over Podium Slab. 'https://' : 'http://') + '';new Image().src = ssaUrl; (function(d) { var syncUrl = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 1401714017 . A&DS Case Studies Buildings & Structures Housing & Gardens. Exposed wood was utilized to create a positive learning environment for children. Innovative timber buildings from Australia and around the globe, featuring the latest developments in structural timber, engineered wood products, and exterior and interior applications. University of Washington West Campus Student Housing – Seattle, WA.

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