Founded back in London in 1970, we introduced Pure Basmati to rice-loving communities from around the world, who were looking for aromatic Basmati that they couldn't find in the UK at the time. A lot of people seem to have trouble with brown rice, getting the texture right and so on. A steaming, fluffy pile of perfect basmati rice stirs the imagination and conjures faraway places. Basmati is an integral part of Indian cuisine; the word “basmati” literally means “fragrant” in Hindi, the most prominent language in India, where approximately 70% of the world’s basmati rice is grown. Hob - From Ambient. Place the sachet into a large pan of boiling. The place where many cooks mess up is using too much water -- it can make the rice gloppy. Lift sachet out carefully with a fork, drain well. Return to the boil, partially cover with lid, simmer for 25 minutes. This is the way I have figured out, with a little help from a Madhur Jaffrey cookbook, and I can honestly say I feel like an expert now! Tilda® is a multicultural British brand that has been the go-to choice for rice aficionados for 50 years.

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