Length options for this rod are 6 feet 10 inches, 7 feet 10 inches, 8 feet 10 inches, 9 feet 10 inches, 10 feet 10 inches, and 11 feet 10 inches. ​Offers a lot of value at a reasonable price. ​He did so on the 8th of March, 1987. Telescoping fishing rods in general have slow to moderate action, especially when compared to a “fast action” traditional carbon fiber pole. There is usually no locking mechanism to hold the blanks in position, just friction. Consider the size of the target fish when selecting a telescoping rod. ​Thanks to its mighty comfortable fore-grip which has a soft EVA padded handle.​ ​The rod is collapsible and compact and can easily fit in your backpack, car trunk or boat hatch.​. ​Searching for the best collapsible fishing rod? Thus a hybrid of the two materials is usually used in telescopic rods. These rods are fairly heavy-duty and suitable enough for most freshwater fishing applications.​ Since they have a medium action tip, we found them to be useful for buzz, crank, and spinner baits and they did the job showing super efficiency throughout the test period. Do not let anybody fool you by saying something along the lines of "This telescopic rod is even better than your traditional rods." It is safe to declare KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rod the best fishing rod for beginners. you think, "Let me continue pulling this one. The Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod is immensely popular among young anglers too as they can swing it with ease. Why can’t I find a telescoping fishing rod produced by a major name brand in stores? The action is often rated as moderate to fast, and the power is suitable for catching small to medium sized fish. The primary purpose of a telescopic rod is portability. ​Now the company clearly omits its use in saltwater by stating that it is meant for use in streams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and ponds but being the experimenters we are and going along with our mission to put fishing products through their worst nightmares, we came to find that it did not trouble us at all. The TROUTBOY Black Warrior 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Ultra Light Pole, for example, offers tremendous versatility and an ultra-light profile. Also, we took it out for trout and panfish fishing on the request of a reader and were happy with the end results. Since telescopic rods are made up of a combination of small blanks, therefore, the rod action doesn't remain consistent with time and often changes. If you are looking for a good fishing rod for children then too this is worth a shot. Comfortable to use, and casts well. ​The Sougayilang rod is very small when it is collapsed or retracted, but ithe biggest size elongates to an unbelievable 11.81 feet when extended! ​The shorter a rod is in the collapsed state, easier it would be to store and carry around for our fishing trips. Please take our 3-minute survey, Oh, we forgot! With a telescoping rod, you never need to re-rig, your rod is always strung up and ready to go when you are. Do not worry while taking it out for use when you are surrounded by the harsh seawater as it will withstand the same. Great price. Certain parts of a telescoping fishing rod benefit from the use of stainless steel, especially the line guides and reel seat. Available in several sizes. Whether you are a novice or a maestro in angling, this well-built ultralight telescopic rod will never fail to amaze you. This rating may be listed in tonnage, or it may be listed along a scale from “ultra-light” to “heavy”. ​Quality, affordability and good reputation with a practical price tag. This retractable fishing pole fits easily into a backpack pocket and allows us to take it anywhere on the go.​. We hope it is easy for you to see why we chose ​​Kastking Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod as the best telescopic fishing rod. However, don't get too excited and try to catch heavy fishes that are beyond the rod's capacity as you would only end up damaging it. In fact, it is still the favorite telescopic rod of many anglers. Many fishermen prefer to carry several fishing rods to match the size of their target fish. ​This enabled us to hook a lot of extra strikes during the testing phase. Lightweight design makes it extremely portable. BestReviews wants to be better. Three spare segments for the top and that too completely free. A fish which will test your rod to its limit will put it under a lot of pressure and load causing it to twist. Great option for the kiddos that's a perfect introduction to … ​This enabled us to hook, Earlier we had a strong belief that maybe we cannot expect telescopic rods to catch those extra small fishes because they are usually not sensitive enough to detect their bites. Well, they are your rod guides or the eyelets or for some anglers, the eyes of their rod! ​There are scores and scores of telescopic rods out there and by writing this article for you, we've boiled down your selection to the best six. There should be at least one line guide per blank. The total number of blanks can vary from model to model. Now, you club that trust with a low price and you will clearly see why this rod is so popular. Best Collapsible Fishing Rod & Reviews You can find a lot of fishing rods in the market but choosing the best one is very difficult because most of them are not so good as they are said. It is also resistant to. This inexpensive carbon fiber rod collapses to just 21 inches, but can still handle the action of a large trout on the line. ​​Try pulling the tip towards you and the point from where the rod starts to bend will give you a decent enough idea of its power and how it will behave when you actually reel in those fishes.

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