Funny enough i had originally positioned my subwoofer in the same area as you're thinking now. I'm thinking of hiding my powered subwoofer in a corner behind a leather couch. looks like between wall and couch would be best one. Ask someone to sit down on the same couch and ask about the person about the vibration level. Earthquake Sound CP8 Couch Potato Subwoofer Designed for Tight Spaces The CP-8 is a self-powered subwoofer that delivers massive fast bass into your seating position. If you're designing a home theater in your living room, a subwoofer is a must for your surround sound system. I've a Harman Kardon HKTS200/230 down firing subwoofer with HKTS9 satellites and center, as part of … Hi, I want to find a good place for sub. This is because subwoofer produces low-frequency bass that moves in different direction. While you remain behind the couch, hold the subwoofer and other sound source in different positions and play sound. Subwoofer behind couch Hi, I am in need of some advice regarding placement of my subwoofer. Just a little test to see what it sounds like with my subwoofer facing inside the cabin instead of facing back. It didn't work well there as i though it was easier to locate (and the filter was adjusted below 60) while some frequensies above 50 where boosted. Best position was the front wall but it was a … Hiding a Subwoofer in a Living Room. By placing the subwoofer close to you, the bass is faster, more powerful, and carries massive sub harmonic vibrations with it. Hello, I have read some posts on this forum where others have mentioned that they placed their subwoofer driver/woofer facing a wall. Proper subwoofer placement is in two places: ONE: as close to the TV as possible, facing outwards towards you, or TWO, on the side of the room facing inwards. So they may have corner loaded a sub but instead of placing the sub front-facing (where it's driver is towards the listening area) they have placed the sub where its driver is facing the back wall. I'm not THAT dedicated to HT to do a sub crawl, besides Throwing the sub into the corner or next to your couch does not give you the right acoustics for a proper setup or experience.

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