We do not have example sentences for a state of mind.Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. Selkirk's state of mind may be inferred from two or three facts. Click here to see a translation instead. At least CBS still has a New York state of mind. Her research suggests that a little after-work light could lead to being in a better, He will under go a psychiatric examination to determine his, At times she is combative, at times submissive, according to the situation and her, The cowboy is the archetypal American hero, and the western fits America's current, I have already seen it three times and each time I gain new insights into my own, I needed to hear words that only he could say, words that would shake me out of my unsettled, Hopefully, by moving to the north for a little while, my work will improve and so will my, After that initial catharsis had passed she asked me to fill in some questionnaires so that she could establish my, All right, I'm not one of them happy-clappy dippy-hippies who thinks world peace is just a, When all is said and done, getting off the grid is more than producing your own energy, it is a, One minute and two seconds of Mrs. Lennon wibbling away about her fragile, It's not too difficult to guess that the heron's lack of sure-footedness reflects Denerley's current, Upon seeing such, I recoiled, remembering her delicate, Pragmatism is all very well, but there are blunter ways to describe the new, Slightly dazed and confused from his fall, Levi recovered his, Without them, there would still be the same number of anorexics because it isn't about the sites, it's about the weight and, They have the freedom to imprison themselves within a, He got into the face of men who were killing innocent people in whatever frenzied, As in national law, in international criminal law a culpable, It is possible that hallucinogens, for example fly agaric, were used to bring on this, I sat with my back against the wall, partially hidden behind a large rubber plant, which was probably just as well given my, We have to try and think ourselves into a, Being right then is not a matter of having some recognizable, Megan entered the Literature room in a huff, her temper flared and her eyes revealing her, He is due back in London for the senior competition this week, but his appearance will depend on his, They had convulsive seizures, blasphemous screaming and trance-like, Her best friend and she had their first fight, only making Hannah's internal, It all takes place when the patient is in a relaxed, In Tibetan iconography, physical nakedness symbolizes this naked unbounded, And any sweet or spicy taste puts you in a relaxed, pampered, Not because they drink water, but because the, My circumstances, while eminently enjoyable, are not helping my, Lately, I haven't really been in the right, It is possible even in the midst of intense illness and the dying process to contact this fundamentally pure and wholesome, They have also begun examining his computer for clues as to his, Last week's ITV documentary raised serious questions about his, So the adjectival clause qualifies conduct, not anybody's, Mr Douglas has come out with the classic cringe which believes pessimism, or realism as he would no doubt like to call it, is an inherently Scottish, The concept of a redeemer, a liberator, or a deliverer is much closer to the, I'm mindful how fortunate I am that I recovered from aphasia, when for many people who have suffered brain damage the condition can be a permanent, It appraises the employee's skill, usefulness and mental capacity and also evaluates the employee's mental status, psychology and most importantly their, Though there are similarities between Newman's, He knew how to improvise, how to lead a fellow actor into a, It requires the trier of fact to look at the defendant's, Having regard to that uncontroverted evidence of Mr Bolt's, Many attempts have been made to explain the volte-face but, in the absence of good evidence for Becket's, This would seem to be from someone in an interesting, Emotional experiencing is generally considered to be synonymous with feeling, which can be understood as having or perceiving a physical sensation or a, I have said on many occasions that peripherality is a, Open as they were, they offered a window to Chris' internal, They're my particular way of writing my autobiography, the fragments of my day which make up an impression of my, Having never heard of gender dysphoria, the, While that is hearsay evidence and not admissible to prove that the accident did occur at that time, it is admissible evidence relevant to the, We have listened carefully to the evidence which has been adduced regarding your, In his stage show Ken tries to find out the meaning of life and continues his search for the holy grail of comedy, the, The apparent smile on my face, despite my weary state, spoke of signs of contentment, even a return to that mischievous and devilish, In a low glass vitrine, for example, could be found the faxed correspondence in which he gropingly elaborated the, This comparison, between the direct object of a transitive verb and the intentional object of a, Much of our spirituality and comfort in public worship depends on the, It may be just because you're momentally in such a, The defendant was in control when she began drinking, and the, There's research where self-harmers have reported that by deliberately hurting themselves it can often change their, Inadvertence to risk is no less a subjective, Doodles, according to graphologists who study handwriting, offer a fascinating glimpse into our personalities and, Quality of life can simply mean happiness, the subjective, The unsteady handheld camera work matches Brody's current, A difference has also been established in academic scholarship between border and frontier, the latter denoting a, Of more immediate concern will be O'Neal's, It takes a professor to arrive at so mad-dog a, He remarked, also, that the intermittence of the child's power seemed to depend in a measure on her, This may seem to be unnatural, arising from an oversensitive and morbid, He lifted his head suddenly, thinking, in his superacute, There is no other simile that will express his, That this matter assumed such critical importance reflects De Groot's, I solaced myself by thinking that it would be useful for me to find out what I could about Strickland's, In her curious condition of unanalysed sensations she was incapable of making a plan which should have any effect upon her, The commander did what he could to bring me to a rational, As she still hesitated, being, in fact, in no reasonable, Dr Fehmida said that this was the perfect, From Burgoyne's voluminous correspondence we learn his, Dumbfounded was a colorless word to describe her, It is as far from a communistic, as from a charitable, Of course, our poor Clifford being in so unhappy a, Such a view, it need not be urged, reflects an unscientific, Most of them are Muslims by birth or conversion, and their gullibility in all too many cases proceeds from their unstable, But it would be no fair picture of Clifford's, Every one has experienced that disagreeable, Guppy was still oscillating in the same troubled, Debienne and Poligny, who, seeing us pass straight from the gloomiest.

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