Southern yellow pine lumber should be great material for building lofts/bunkbeds. Most often it's used as a secondary wood. Imagine that. Southern Yellow Pine is an ideal building material: beautiful, strong, versatile, and affordable. Severe Weather 2-in x 4-in x 8-ft Southern Yellow Pine Lumber. Southern Yellow Pine Our superior SYP (southern yellow pine) dimension lumber provides a great solution for many residential and commercial building and renovating applications. 1. In the South, yellow pines grow very well in the acidic red clay soil found in most of the region. Contact us to learn more about our product solutions and how our pine traders can help meet your diverse needs. Yellow pine is known to be one of the strongest, hardest and most attractive pines available. Where other types of wood fail to grow abundantly, SYP seems to have no trouble thriving in seemingly tough conditions. It looks attractive as a small deck off the edge of a cottage or a huge deck that wraps around a mansion. For furniture, this species is underutilized. In fact, southern yellow pine wood makes up nearly 85% of all pressure-treated wood produced in the United States. The wood from the southern yellow pines typically has a density value between 50 and 55 lb/cu ft (0.80 and 0.88 g/cm ) when pressure treated. Yellow pine tends to have a bolder, more pronounced grain pattern than white. It’s All Over the Southern U.S. And the lumber industry continues innovate and improve timber production, so SYP is a sustainable building material. This moisture relationship has an important influence on wood properties and performance. If you’re in the market for southern yellow pine for a construction or manufacturing project, AIFP has got you covered. White pine, with a density rating of only 380, is one of the lowest-rated woods on the scale. Whether pressure treated or left natural, its light and warm color, plus its unique wood grain patterns, will make any part of the home welcoming. Model #720248. What is Southern Pine (or Southern Yellow Pine)? Plus, its distinct grain pattern and appealing golden color make it a great choice for anyone looking to showcase its natural beauty. The more wood is used the more we mitigate climate change by sequestering CO2. Not only is it strong, stiff, and dense, but it also has the ability to hold nails and other fasteners particularly well, which makes it a great choice for residential and commercial construction. Unlike most building products, wood from well-managed sources is a genuinely sustainable material with a low carbon footprint. Our Southern Yellow Pine Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring is available in two unique grades, Character & Select, manufactured from Old Growth forests dating back 70-150 years old. Model #11726. Southern yellow pine (SYP) consists of four major species: loblolly, slash, longleaf and shortleaf. Different grades limit certain characteristics such as knots, checks, and splits in order to determine its relative strength properties and appearance. Southern Yellow Pine: One Wood to Rule Them all. They grow abundantly throughout the 13 southern states. For over fifty years, American International Forest Products has been trading a variety of lumber and other industrial products for construction and manufacturing projects across the country. Southern yellow pine wood is one of the principal sources of softwood products in the United States. Check. Southern yellow pine wood is one of the principal sources of softwood products in the United States. All rights reserved. We'll give you the tools to excel. They grow abundantly throughout the 13 southern states. Yellow pine has a density rating of about 870 on the Janka scale,, which ranks it up there with cedar at 900. Beautiful and sturdy wood? Some woods look brilliant and fresh when you first build. We distribute the following: 2x4 through 2x12; Economy through MSR × There are 10 species, all “hard” pines – diploxylon (hard needled) members of the genus Pinus (see chart). Southern yellow pine wood has a unique cellular structure, making it one of the preferred species for pressure treatment. These four species make up 90% of the southern pine timber inventory. Since it grows so well in the southern parts of … It's also an excellent choice for flooring. Obtain Southern Yellow Pine furniture and bam – instant conversation starter.Check out some. Check. © 2017 - 2020, AIFP. Even better is to buy wider boards like 2×10 or 2×12 and rip the boards you need from them, using the clear straight-grained parts. Given its attractive look, it is both an aesthetic and practical choice. We recruit new traders year-round. Southern Yellow Pine. And we could go on, so we will.

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