In doing so, Sonic Team has attempted to give the game additional replay value. After the credits roll, Shahra, as the narrator, says that Sonic ran endlessly until he found his way back to his own world. With his life on the line, Sonic heads off to locate the World Rings for Erazor and Shahra continues to go along on Sonic's journey, feeling guilty for getting him involved. JP 15 March 2007NA 20 February 2007 EU 2 March 2007AUS 8 March 2007 Soon after, Erazor absorbs the power of the seven World Rings and transforms into Alf Layla wa-Layla. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are all default characters, but Shadow, Cream, Silver, and Blaze are all unlockable characters that can be accessed only after meeting certain requirements in the game. A seemingly omnipresent toy chao. There are many references to this game in Sonic's crossover, This was the first game to feature Shadow without an appearance from. After defeating the world's boss and acquiring the ring, Shahra hands Sonic a mysterious relic and tells him to use it if he has no choice. Steve Conte also performs "Worth a Chance" during Shahra's crying and Sonic comforting her and the final credits of the game. His super speed makes him one of the fastest fictional characters. This is the first 3D Sonic game since Sonic 3D Blast to feature Sonic as the only playable character in Story Mode. Stages [3] Dinosaur Jungle. In Special Book mode, players can play the 225 bonuses in the game that are unlocked by beating levels quickly, achieving various milestones and discovering secret areas. The pair then return to the Evil Foundry to face off with the Ifrit. She was not created by the Sonic team. — Tagline. The Sonic and the Secret Rings comic on DVD. Single playerMultiplayer ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Sonic has special moves that can be both customized and combined to suit certain situations. Also a genie. Enemies scattered throughout the game are described as "spirits". The land of mystery meets the legend of speed. "Time Break" slows down time for better aim and obstacle evasion, and can expose certain items and objects (such as some Fire Souls) that would be invisible and impossible to collect or interact with otherwise. After a heated battle, Erazor is defeated by Sonic. Sonic agrees to confront the resurrected forty thieves and get the king his original body back. During the events of Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Erazor Djinn's evil spirits appeared out of nowhere in Shahryar's palace. Mode(s) In Adventure mode, players control Sonic with the Wii Remote by holding the controller sideways with both hands and will be able to use the controller in unique ways that take advantage of the Wii Remote's control mechanisms. In addition to Sonic the Hedgehog, several other characters appear in the game. Sonic and Shahra freeze time to escape (although they later return to finish him off) instead of confront the overwhelmingly powerful Ifrit. Giant Bomb users. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shahra, the Genie of the Ring, pops out of a book of the Arabian Nights and into Sonic's world. These special stage-unique abilities and mechanisms range, depending on the stage. The game's multiplayer mode was also criticized for being too similar to the Mario Party series and the mode, as a whole, has been dubbed as "unoriginal". Publisher(s) "Speed Break" boosts Sonic to incredible speeds and grants him partial invincibility, allowing him to defeat enemies, break certain objects, and ignore certain hazards. Along with her Chao friend Cheese, she appeared in Sonic Advance 2, and later in other Sonic games, whilst also making cameo appearences. Platform(s) After a short talk, King Shahryar is swooped up by a "pterosaur" commanded by Erazor, which Sonic grudgingly saves him from. Development staff This rumor is thought to be brought on by the first verse of Sand Oasis' music sounding very similar to the first verse of "Throw It All Away". Suddenly, three of the World Rings (Sadness, Rage, and Hate, which were his feelings at the time) infuse with Sonic, causing him to undergo a radical transformation into a new form: Darkspine Sonic. One mode, "Genie's Lair", has players participating in a variety of mini-games for an opportunity to open a treasure chest with goals of locating Sonic Tokens. Abby's Not-Goodbye-But-See-You-Later Stream! Sonic Team Front cover of the Sonic and the Secret Rings strategy guide. Silver. There is also an Experience Point and leveling system, in which the player's score, collected Fire Souls and some skills contribute towards increasing the player's level. Shahra gives Sonic a ring that seals a contract between her and her new master. The main audio music generally remains consistent with the Sonic (Pop Rock Mixes) formula while featuring some "Middle Eastern touches" in keeping with the game's main theme. It was written by Ian Flynn, and illustrated by Tracy Yardley. The idea for the game centered around the potential abilities of the Wii Remote. Leveling up grants the player more points with which to equip skills, a higher cap on the number of rings you can hold and an increased Soul Gauge. The title changes into "Sonic and the Secret Rings". Certain stages will also present the need for Sonic to utilize different mechanisms to reach new areas. After the second credits roll, a cutscene is seen where the Arabian Nights book shows the beginning of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp". Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the world's most famous video game characters and the mascot of Sega Enterprises Ltd. Sonic was introduced on June 23 1991 with the launch of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog. A supporting character from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Big the Cat is laid-back, friendly, and somewhat dim. Another increases the range of his homing attack, and a third grants him the ability to back flip. At some point in the past, Shahryar created the Arabian Nights, and came to be the main character in the Arabian Nightsstorybook. She is played by Bella Hudson in the English version and by Nao Takamori in the Japanese version. Sonic rubs it as instructed, and is asked for a wish. This game also marks the first time that Sonic is seen living in a house (look closely at the first cinematic where Sonic first meets Shahra). RenderWarePhysX It is the player's decision whether he wants to go on to find the last world ring or face Erazor. Sonic, now controlling Erazor with his lamp, wishes to bring Shahra back to life, return the world back to normal, and for Erazor to be sealed away in the lamp forever. Shahra complies and reveals that she and Erazor were once together and that she wants to be back with him. He also enjoys a friendly rivalry with Sonic and rapping about the places he visits. Although she does not have the power to grant the wish, the mysterious relic she gave to Sonic returns to its original state. Erazor. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Sand Scorpion. Developer(s) Unlike other Sonic games, in which Sonic is controlled directly, Secret Rings features an indirect "on-rails" method of control in which Sonic moves forward automatically in a semi-linear path. With less time to develop the game than normal, and two different play modes, the development team for this Sonic game was much larger than that of a normal Sonic game. Game order Sonic News Network is a FANDOM Games Community. This mode allows connectivity with GameCube Controllers for players 2-4, a feature that was never mentioned by Sega. This is the first modern console game where Sonic is the only playable character in the main storyline. Sonic understands this, and wishes for mountains of handkerchiefs so she can cry for as long as she needs to, touchingly alluding to the start of the story. Wii Remote The story begins with Sonic napping. She reveals that an evil entity from her world, the world of the Arabian Nights, Erazor Djinn is absorbing the power of the book and causing its pages and the world within to disappear. The Arabian Nights as seen in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Game » This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Characters [1] Big the Cat. She then bids a touching farewell to Sonic, the "Legendary Hedgehog". Designer(s) This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other

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