As a player and having worked at Strings and Things of Memphis as a guitar, amp and effects specialist, I think seagulls are absolutely some of the best pieces out there, period. This is a tapered headstock and makes a Seagull guitar instantly recognizable. Firstly, and the most visually noticeable, is Seagull’s headstock. ... Their S6 makes for one of their best-selling instruments. Seagull Guitar Company's parent company is Godin Guitars (another fine Canadian guitar making company that also owns and makes fine LaPatrie Classical Guitars). Seagull guitars certainly live up to the task in that regard. Seagull makes solid wood entry- to professional-range acoustic guitars. The secondary tonewoods — wild cherry and silver leaf maple — are the same across the range and are used for the back and sides of every guitar. Seagull Guitar Tapered Headstock. The hard-working people at the Seagull crafting station in LaPatrie take great pride in producing these guitars … The Seagull acoustic guitar brand operates as a subdivision of Godin guitars (which has produced many well-considered guitars) they have been producing acoustic guitars and electric-acoustic guitars for over 30 years. Guitars under the Godin brand are primarily mid-range to top-of the-line electrics that are made of high quality wood from the northeastern part of North America. This makes them a great fit for fingerpickers who need a bright, clear voice with plenty of articulation in their guitar. Apart from sustainably sourcing their wood and pressure testing to ensure quality and strength, Seagull have a few other features and innovations that make them unique.

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