's greatest sin. Whelp, it did exist in that timeline. Basically it was a plot thing, 5D's was all about the theme of " Bonds" ; as the first epic op's title suggests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaPu1qGbdVM and as Yusei keeps reminding us like, every opportunity he gets throughout the series. It's natural defensive abilities are also very Yusei-like, given that he had a cautious and defensive dueling style. Furthermore, I believe the main reason that Blazar can't float into Shooting Star, from a non-symbolic standpoint, is because the card simply didn't exist in Yusei's time period in the unaltered timeline. in a certain way quasar is a lot like beelze. What came after that naturally by his individual evolution was CBlazar. Unlike Shooting Quasar Dragon , Cosmic Blazar Dragon also has an ability to negate any Summon, … Bright Star Dragon; Cosmic Blazar Dragon; Debris Dragon; Majestic Dragon; Majestic Star Dragon; Shooting Quasar Dragon; Shooting Riser Dragon; Shooting Star Dragon; Shooting Star Dragon T.G. Quasar came not only from the bond with his friends, but it is also his final answer regarding his daddy issues, ending with Yusei pursuing his father's path of a researcher instead of a duelist, showing how different things can be. There's {{Demotion}}, and {{Star Changer}} to lower levels. Cosmic Blazar Dragon x1 Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon x1 Shooting Quasar Dragon x1 Borreload Savage Dragon x1 Cyberse Quantum Dragon x1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon x1 F.A. Cosmic Blazar Dragon is stronger than Shooting Quasar Dragon, however, it leaves nothing behind should it leave. If "Shooting Quasar Dragon" can attack three times by its own effect, and it is equipped with "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce", "Shooting Quasar Dragon" can attack a maximum of three times. Even after " Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce " is destroyed, it can still attack a three times. No wonder Z-ONE idolized him. Shooting Star Dragon was technically Yusei's own creation too (implied) in the original aborted timeline. In some way, when Yusei died in that previous timeline, he left nothing behind to help the future. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, tour guide into graff jeff is-a beste decke. Yu-Gi-Oh! Blazar was the evolution of stardust star in the original timeline, but by the interference by Z-one the history changed, and Yusei get Shooting and then Quasar dragon, what means that even losing the final duel Z-one did what he wanted, save the world. Random thoughts about Shooting Quasar Dragon. The bad guys think Yusei's gonna reach Super Synchro 3 and make Cosmic Blazar, because they have future-past record-predictions showing him do it, but instead he shows them what it's like to go even further beyond, and captain-planets all of his friends' dragons together to make Shooting Quasar instead, and that's Super Synchro God. Yusei didn't skip Cosmic Blazar, technically Limit Over Accel Synchro (essentially Delta Accel Synchro mechanic-wise but with the power to turn you into a shiny gold color) is Delta Accel, the difference being that it has more of a "collective" power in it, as opposed to Delta Accel which was Yusei's individual creation in the aborted original timeline. But why did Yusei skip Cosmic Blazar? - Expansion; Assault Mode Activate; Converging Wishes; Stardust Shimmer; Starlight Road Without Antinomy's, and by extension, Z-ONE's, influence on the main timeline, Yusei would never have been given Shooting Star Dragon (which is technically Z-ONE's card, or the actual copy that Yusei used in his timeline), nor would he have had to appearify Shooting Quasar Dragon (which was born of Yusei's need to defeat Sandaion and the other four Timelords to beat Z-ONE, as well as the powers of Limit Over Accel Synchro and the Signer Dragons). If we create the polar opposite of Shooting Quasar Dragon, which in theory, I base Cosmic Blazar Dragon to be the polar opposite of Shooting Quasar Dragon, then it would be something like this... Cosmic Blazar Dragon, LVL 12, DARK, Dragon, Attack Name: The Destruction Burst, 3 Tuners + 1 Synchro, 4500/4500 (I'll explain this one below) Quasar, on the other hand, is what happened when Yusei decided "screw fate, we'll forge our own destiny" - it gains power from it's friends (aka, the materials used to summon it), and while it trades defensive power, it can advance the game forward much more quickly with multiple attacks. Shooting Quasar Dragon is the most misunderstood card ever made. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's appearance looks more like Stardust, and it's effect - banishing/sacrificing one's self in order to protect others - is closer to Stardust's. Hope you enjoyed this dumb little analysis of mine. However, it made me think of the futures that resulted. "too easy to bait" you hear the people say. If I had it my way, I would merge/retcon Quasar and Sifr into one all-powerful cosmic dragon boss with this effect: Anyway, there are multiple levels and nobody these days really cares about how you get to them. Besides the fact that one results in Cosmic Blazar Dragon and the other Shooting Quasar Dragon. But then ZONE messed with the timeline, making Yusei evolve much faster than he was supposed to. tl;dr CB and Quasar are equals, not different levels of power, showing 2 different but equally possible paths that he could have taken. A hero well worth remembering, I'd say. However he was a very great influence on everyone, as ZONE had said, so everyone followed him, trying to do his super cool Accel Synchro Summon by going faster and faster, pushing Ener-D (Momentum in the sub version) to its limit and made the dystopic future that ZONE lived in. In the original timeline, it's likely that SHooting Star Dragon was Yusei's original creation, rather than something that was given to him. Z-ONE is Shooting Star's original owner, and was probably made as some sort of legacy support to Stardust Dragon judging by how much Synchro Summoning had evolved by that point, or by Z-ONE himself. It totally exists. repeating what is said above: CB represents Yusei's own growth and path towards his ideal, from the future you see that Yusei had pursued pro-dueling as a career, ending with a legendary legacy that is CB, a super strong monster. Him ensuring a future oast him, that even when he dies they'll be able to go further. It's pretty much unkillable without a Kaiju or a way to prevent banishment, as even if you negate the effect, it banishes and returns itself as a cost. Also one of the minions actually goes farther back in time and causes a movie. Or would it have been a bad thing for him to summon it? Because of Z-one's meddling, the current timeline is far less advance than it should be. Couldn't he have summoned it and then been like "actually what if I did something even better?" Anyway, synchro summoning is kinda like going super saiyan, and there's multiple levels, except most of them are garbage because you need a synchro tuner monster and I think you also need non-tuner synchros sometimes.

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