Civil engineers also often manage several projects at the same time, and thus must be able to balance time needs and to effectively allocate resources. Did it ever cross your mind, even for a second, to get a second job? Do you ever hear about actors who will take peanuts to do the indie films they want and make up for it by doing a few summer blockbuster movies for millions? infrastructure and utility companies such as railway and electricity companies. Employer loyalty is dead, and has been replaced by either loyalty to one’s own career (hopefully this is the case) or just the need for new challenges (boredom). See the book page for details. Sources: research, 2019; Hays, 'FY 19/20 Hays Salary Guide', 2019; ENGEO, 2019; and Seek, 2019. I’ve recently seen a spate of engineers declaring boredom and/or dissatisfaction with their current roles and responsibilities, which leads them to openly question what options are available. Engineering New Zealand website, accessed July 2019, ( Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Useful subjects include maths, English, chemistry, physics, digital technologies, and construction and mechanical technologies. Civil engineers plan, organise and oversee the building and maintenance of structures such as dams, bridges, sewerage systems and roads. See the, Alternative Jobs For Bored Web/App Developers, Follow Job Tips For Geeks on, How to Get an Interview at (Almost) Any Company, Java Developers and Their Long, Horrible Resumes. Civil Engineering Jobs: 8 Exciting Options Your Degree Gives. Here are some examples (some have crossover and similarity): Performance Engineer – This role isn’t about building a product, but rather improving speed, scalability and reliability. That works for many people. Alan says he always makes sure his clients fully understand his advice. If the source of discontentment is tied to the role of app or web dev work (and not the overall tech industry), there are some relatively new roles that have become more in demand that may satisfy the itch you have. Civil engineers may also get bonuses and other benefits such as a company car. Useful experience for civil engineers includes: Civil engineers need to be reasonably fit as they may have to walk long distances to work sites, and carry equipment. Performance engineers may be thinking about databases or monitoring tools one day and hardware or operating systems the next. This second job could take on several shapes, so perhaps we should call it a second source of revenue so we don’t lead people to believe this will require 80 hours a week. The typical baby boomer’s lifespan may have looked like, college/military → entry-level → low level management → higher level management → retirement with pension. We need to start looking at alternative employment and earning models, career path, and trajectory in a different way. Immigration New Zealand, 'Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List', 27 May 2019, ( Our phone lines will be closed from midday 23 December 2020, and we will reopen on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 8.30am. In fact, some programs devote a significant amount of time to hands-on training in material testing, surveying, manual and computer-aided drafting, … “Layoff victim? Management responsibility is not always on the engineer’s wish list, yet that direction may be the best way to earn more. Civil engineers may do some or all of the following: Civil engineers need to have knowledge of: "This job has worthy goals, and I like that," says geotechnical engineer Alan Wightman. However, an engineering career might not be a good fit for everyone. To ‘move up’ and maximize earnings often means getting further from what you do best or enjoy (code) and the result may be to leave jobs more often than you should. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You can email us on and we will respond on our return. Day job + moonlighting (contract) –  Could you make a few extra bucks and perhaps learn a new skill through a paid side project ? I know independent contractors who may have three or four clients at one time, with varying hourly levels of commitment to each, different rates, and a range of project technologies. Embedded Systems and Firmware Engineer – Although the transition from your typical app or web developer position may be a bit more complex, one should expect growth in embedded systems to continue as the variety and sheer number of devices continues to increase. "They are people who like dealing with numbers and maths, and can communicate complex ideas to clients in a clear way.". building, construction, roading or agriculture work, environmental, draughting or surveying work. Contracting, multiple concurrent clients – This usually requires having a widely respected set of technical skills (a ‘name’), a network, and some basic business knowledge (not to mention time management and negotiating knowledge). Option one might be cheaper but not perfect. Find out more about the sources of our pay information). Civil engineers in senior or managerial positions can earn between $120,000 and $180,000. According to the Census, 8,430 civil engineers worked in New Zealand in 2018. See the book page for more info on where to buy. The qualifications to become a civil engineer are challenging to obtain and the work carries a lot of responsibility. Building and construction managers plan, control and co-ordinate civil engineering or building projects, and the resources and people involved. Immigration New Zealand, 'Civil Engineer Jobs in New Zealand', accessed July 2019, ( has been released and is now available in most formats. Mechanical engineers design and give advice on the building and repair of machines and tools. Naturally, you either try to get a promotion (which for engineers is often into a role that may make you less happy) or you go out and get a new employer. Considering that statistics show the younger generations  are typically switching employers every three years, two things are clear: Entry-level and junior candidates in the tech industry often ask how long they should stay at any given job, how to get into management roles, or what options they have in their career given a certain set of skills. Professional engineers who have five to eight years of experience can apply to Engineering New Zealand to become a chartered professional engineer (CPEng). Civil engineer and structural engineer also appear on Immigration New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure skill shortage list. ... Did it ever cross your mind, even for a second, to get a second job? Perhaps building accounting software products or maintaining the web presence of an insurance firm just isn’t inspiring you to get out of bed anymore. (This information is a guide only. Get promoted or find someone to pay you more!”. DevOps Engineer – This  is another role that has been growing due to the number of shops that like to deploy frequently. The baby boomer generation probably helped define the image of career path and trajectory for many Gen X and Millennials that followed. We’re working on updating our job profiles as soon as possible. Alternative Jobs for Engineers. Civil engineer, environmental engineer, geotechnical engineer, and structural engineer appear on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list. Engineering e2e website, accessed July 2019 ( Option two might cost more, but be more likely to solve the issue. Find out more about the sources of our job opportunities information). Graduate civil engineers usually earn $60,000 to $70,000 a year. Thankfully, if you are losing your passion for typical web or software development, your training and experience have at least in part prepared you for several alternative roles that perhaps you have not considered. "Clients really appreciate it when you talk them through the problem and they get a solution they are happy with.". They also plan and design systems to treat and remove waste. increased government investment in infrastructure such as roads, water collection, wastewater management and public buildings, new environmental standards, which mean many local authorities have to upgrade their water infrastructure, New Zealand's growing population, which means greater demand for new housing and new power-generating equipment and stations. supervise construction to ensure structures are built correctly. It seems that frustrated developers tend to weigh their options as stay in development or leave the industry, without considering the fact that these other alternatives exist. Engineering can be a rewarding career but you may find that you lose interest in the work over the years.

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