The socks were white, and topped with blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue stripes, with the blue stripes being much wider and thicker than the others. The collar was striped navy-green-navy, with the NFL shield at the bottom. The forward facing logo features a neck with blue on top and green on the bottom (separated by a thin strip of white) that wraps around the back of the helmet, with a break at the center ridge portion of the helmet. By Tim Brulia. Plays DI in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, the club hockey version of the NCAA. The Seahawks' pants for both the home and road uniforms were gray, with green-white-blue-white-green striping down the legs. 2013: Five uni combinations are used for the regular and post season. Talk about a football name! But if the game was decided like all of our UWFFL matchups by the uniforms they were wearing, which team would you vote for? These lime green creations—or nightmares—had the traditional navy blue sleeves with the Seahawk head logo. … Funny one from New Yorker Alan Kreit: “(Thurs)day, there was a guy selling counterfeit shirts, hats, etc right here on 40th and Broadway. The collar and sleeve edge stripes feature the same stripe combo as found on the white jersey. The masks are generic gray. And the TV numbers are bumped up from the sleeves to the shoulders. Pretty sure if the NFL were to put a team in Omaha, there would be some kind of rule enacted to ensure Peyton is the Head Coach. The logo does change ever so slightly, with the face of the hawk looking a little meaner. Great article about it at Fleer Sticker Project check out it. The Seahawks’ first logo was inspired by Native American art that originated in the American Northwest. because of the quick turnaround, adn the fact that many college soccer teams dont have any equiptment staff, it is easier to wear a fresh set than try and figure our where to wach them. … Did you know Jerry Lewis (the comedian) actually played in (and got a hit) a preseason game with the Astros in 1973? The redesign also included a sublimated feathered pattern honoring the team's 12th Man was incorporated into the jersey numbers and pant legs, along with the new, darker blue helmet shown above. 2005: For Week 1 in Jacksonville, the Seahawks go with a gunmetal/white combo, but the rest of the season go with mono white and mono gunmetal. The white jersey features quite large blue numbers on the front and back, and normal sized blue sleeve — or TV — numbers. With the rise of youth hockey in places like California and Texas, i hope this changes soon. “I settled on ‘Roughnecks’ for the name. who’d a thunk it? 2002: For the first time in team history, the Seahawks undergo a major uniform change.Helmets: The color changes from silver to a rather unique shade of blue that I prefer to call “gunmetal blue”. The socks were white with navy blue tops, while the cleats reverted to black. The 1970 Cowboys wore blue in Super Bowl V, and had only worn blue twice during the regular season, and the next fewest after the Seahawks and Cowboys were the 1985 Patriots, who went exclusively white at home during the regular season, they wore red as home team in Super Bowl XX, yet had only worn red in three road games during the regular season. I think Seattle’s uniforms (previous incarnation and the new ones) would be exponentially better if the didn’t do the blue over blue. So when we traveled, after a game we would literally dump all our stuff back into the equipment back, throw it on the bus, and it wouldnt get washed until we got back home. He’s not selling the Cowboys, either. 2012-Current 3rd Photo. I love the Seahawks home jersey (and weirdly enough their Grey), its just the way the grey, neon green and navy work together (I think I like the grey one simply because the neon green stands out more on it than it does the white jersey). Jerseys: The white jersey has a navy and lime green collar, and the same stripe pattern on the sleeve edge (navy/lime/navy). The 1982 mostly ‘White At Home’ Dolphins only wore their aqua combo once during the strike shortened season, for a home Monday Night game against Buffalo. Also, it’s interesting to see how Dan Snyder is reaching out mainly to partisan political consultants, rather than ordinary corporate or sports communications and marketing folks, to craft his strategy for defending the name. Just like CLASSIC COKE, CLASSIC UNI-WATCH works just fine! If you want a pair, look here (thanks to Dan McClung) … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments (h/t Mickel Yantz): A nice look at football in Seattle before the Seahawks. • Uni Watch friend Mike Princip has also done an in-depth study of the logo design. The original all-blue yoke or collar around the neck was replaced by a blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue striping sequence, and an NFL shield was also added below the collar in 1991.

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