I read some of the other media reviews after my appraisal of the V7 … The V3 has a cardioid response with an on-axis frequency response of 50Hz to 16kHz, which is pretty healthy for this type of microphone. sE Electronics V7 MC2 Capsule for Sennheiser Wireless - Black & Blue $112.00 sE Electronics V7 MC1 (w/Shure Wireless Mics) Capsule Bundle w/Cable and Cloth In the V7 sE Electronics have a well-judged product that sits well with the excellent competition and is a level above similarly-priced 'budget' mics. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for sE Electronics V7 MC1 Capsule for Wireless Reviews. sE Electronics V7 (left) and V3. The sE Electronics V7 MC1 brings the powerful sound and performanceof the V7 handheld wired dynamic mic to your favorite Shure wireless handheld transmitter.. The V7 MC1 supercardioid capsule features the same specialized aluminum voice coil, smooth and detailed highs, wind and handling noise protection, excellent off-axis response, and superior feedback rejection as the V7 … Rated 4.0 / 5 by 5 customers! Its presence peak is nice and … It feels solid enough to last a lifetime in the studio or for general live use.

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