There's no massive notch for the camera, like on the Galaxy A10e or A01 — just a hole on the top-left of the display. While the A11's panel isn't full HD, at only 1560x720, the screen looks decent enough watching for YouTube videos and scrolling through social media. My review unit came from Boost Mobile, and over 15 third-party apps were automatically installed out of the box. If you've used a Samsung phone at any point in the past few years, you'll feel right at home on the Galaxy A11. 177g, 8mm thickness. So far so good, still getting to know my new phone! I wish Samsung would have taken the cost of the wide-angle lens and put it somewhere else (like a better chipset), but it seems to be a requirement for budget phones in 2020 to have a crappy wide-angle or macro lens. You can get decent enough photos out of the primary camera, given enough lighting, though Samsung's image processing can sometimes smear details and produce unrealistic colors. They were outstanding! The new Moto E is a significantly better value at $150, and it even has a faster chipset than the Galaxy A11. I get that the idea is to emulate the look and feel of glass, but I would have really preferred a simple matte coating. After looking at some of those links, I decided to head over to the Jordan Landing Best Buy store and purchase one. Not a bad phone, just didn't like the set up of how it operated. It has a front and rear camera. I love it and would buy again, good phone for price screen is not protected or it is not waterproof camera has low resolution. Camera is great! Just a few differences in processor and ram between the A11 and A50. The Galaxy A01 is the smallest and cheapest of the new phones. Samsung. It has a dual-camera setup led by … However, the sub-$200 price bracket is a highly competitive one, and the Galaxy A11 is fighting the new Moto E, Nokia 2.3, and even other Samsung-made phones for your hard-earned cash. it has all the features I need. (Phone also comes with an AC power module so you can connect the USB cable to it to run it off of, or charge from standard AC power.) Battery life is about 40-ish hours. Samsung Galaxy A11 (2020) (Mobile Phone): 2.6 out of 5 stars from 16 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Compared to my LG it's a step up) Got it unlocked so that I can use Spectrum's by the gig plan. I bought two of these. The Google Nexus S from 10 years ago had NFC — it should be basic functionality in every smartphone now. The Galaxy Nexus from a decade ago had NFC, not having it in any Android smartphone more than $50 is just ridiculous at this point. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. | © Illogical Robot LLC, 2009-2020, Samsung Galaxy A11 review: A competent entry-level smartphone, hasn't received Android 10 in the United States yet, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (dual-band), USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm headphone jack, Fingerprint sensor. Looks like there aren't enough negative mentions yet. Purchased this for T-Mobile service. There are three rear cameras on the Galaxy A11: a 13MP f/1.8 main, a 5MP f/2.2 wide-angle, and a 2MP f/2.4 depth camera. Samsung platform took some getting used to. Great service also. The Galaxy A11 is a low-cost product, so Samsung cannot make a colorful pattern on the back. This is a wonderful phone, better than mine! Just as good as my A50 that cost 100.00 more. No alot of bloatware & it is easy to use. They know what customer service is, and how it should be! However, if you buy the Galaxy A11 from a carrier, prepare for a lot of bloatware. This phone for that need perfectly. 720x1560 … Battery life, at least, is excellent — the large 4,000mAh battery should last most people over two days. At no time did I feel pressured. He was very helpful. 1st 2 days very frustrating, but thanks to a friend, am slowly learning it. as having owned several Samsung devices, and being very excited about the A11, I am now incredibly disappointed, the very first thing I noticed was the graphics, nowhere nearas impressive as any of my prior devices, I also presently own a Samsung s9+ which though 2 1/2 years older, is far and away a much better unit, my only complaint with it was not enough storage, which is why I puchased the A11, it was … However, it can lag a bit and is difficult to see outside in bright weather. Sure there are other phones out there which have a lot more features, but they also cost much, much more. Looks great (bezels are thin enough and you get a hole-punch camera) and can't complain about the quality at this price. Boost Mobile is already selling the phone for $130, and U.S. Cellular has it down to $99. The phone had no visible defects (a few fingerprints on the case.) The device has a plastic exterior, coated with a glossy finish that easily attracts smudges and dirt. I have only owned it for 2 days at this point, and so far, the only good thing I can say it's a Samsung, I have to confess, I really had planned on purchasing the A51, when regretfully, this one was introduced, so unwisely I purchased it. Also, the apps seem to load much quicker as well. I got an "open box" and It came with a charging cable. Samsung has so many budget phones that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Great shape, good screen , good options , ease of use but hopefully to have more storage. The phone is a little bit wider, and considerably longer than my old, Motorolla go-phone, but Elissa allowed me to check it out to make sure it felt comfortable, and wanted to make sure I would be happy with my purchase. We got this for my 8 year old as we were tired of her using our phones to video chat. Not bad. On previous visits to Best Buy, the customer service has been hit and miss, but on this particular visit, Elissa and Craig NAILED IT!!! Don't use it unless you love the look of digital camera images from a decade ago. All together I saved about 50$ That means the software experience is fairly similar to what you get on flagship Galaxy S and Note smartphones, minus the features that require specific hardware. Just enter your email below. The rear cover attracts fingerprints and dust very easily. Looked like a nice phone. This is a simple entry level Samsung phone with has all the features I need. It's not going to be an extremely capable phone, you aren't going to be playing high end games smoothly or using it to get work done and multitask, but no one is expecting that for under $200 anyways. Considering that the average weight of all smartphones is 134g, Samsung Galaxy A11 is a significantly heavy phone for its class. Samsung Galaxy A11 - user opinions and reviews. Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 56 reviews. When he first began the chat, it said, "Hello, my name is [insert name here], how can I help you?" This phone is everything. Tried two different SIM cards, but never got service. Released 2020, May 01. There's also the $130 Moto G7 Play to consider, which shares the Moto E's faster chipset, though it hasn't received Android 10 in the United States yet. I really like that feature! Only if you get it at a steep discount. Even though the chipset is capable of operating in 64-bit mode, Android on the Galaxy A11 runs in 32-bit mode to reduce memory usage. At around $100, the Galaxy A11 is a much better value — hardly any (new) phones in that price range have a USB Type-C port or a fingerprint sensor. It's a Samsung smartphone for under $200. It features a 5.7-inch HD display, offers 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. A flash is located to the right of the camera array. Had to return. The phone is slim design so I can easily hold it. Activation literally took 2 minutes total. Apps can take a few seconds to start up, and there are slowdowns when the phone is waking from sleep, but day-to-day use isn't outright horrible. Subscribe to Android Police's weekly newsletter, with the biggest stories, latest deals, and insight on the week's news. 1 each for my sister and niece. I don't stream or use lots of data so it suits me. © 2020 Best Buy. Samsung - Galaxy A11 32GB (Unlocked) - Black. It's still rare for sub-$200 phones in the United States to come with NFC support, but that doesn't make the omission any less frustrating. Helped me test the sound and explore features. Shortly after I entered the store, I was greeted by Elissa. That's not a lot of memory to work with, and the Snapdragon 450 is three years old at this point. The main camera has multiple lenses you may select from. There are all the usual Android 10 features (full-screen navigation, improved notifications, system-wide dark theme, etc. Some of them, like Boost's FastNEWS app, were even sending spam push notifications. He provided some links to a couple of different cell phone models I could look over and compare. We were probably in the store 10 minutes, it was awesome! She also sold me a screen protector and installed it for me. He assured me that as long as I decided to remain with the same service provider, xferring the phone number over from the old phone to the new one would be no trouble at all.

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