Specialists in outddoor lambing and sustainable farming practices. The face should be white, and the skin of a clean pink colour. This was by far the biggest meat cargo ever carried over such a distance to that time. Rump wide, long and well-turned. The Romney is a "long-wool" breed recognized in England by 1800. Only a small fraction of the thousands of Romney fleeces shorn in the US each year, however, go to this “niche-market” use. We run 2,000 Romney ewes, 650 hoggets, 200 Angus cows and 100 Luing cows on our 2500 acre grass/hill farm. The Romney Sheep Breeders Society offers registration and marketing services to pedigree and commercial breeders alike. A putative autosomal gene increasing ovulation rate in Romney sheep Animal Reprod Sci 2006; 92:65-73, Coffey, Walter C. Productive Sheep Husbandry Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Co 1918 p.165, Simmons P, Ekarius C Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep. Due to its location, geography, and isolation, it was a smuggler's paradise between the 1600s and 1800s. In North America and England, natural-colored Romneys (whose fleeces are not white, but black, gray, silver, variegated) have come to be valued for what they bring to hand-spinners and weavers who like the palette of natural colors. The time-honored “Bradford system”, which uses the eyes and hands of experienced humans, has some correlation to measured AFD, but can be biased. A finer-wooled sheep (e.g. Welcome to 'Viewfield Romneys. With the help, knowledge and expertise of top New Zealand breeders, we have designed our own 'Easicare' system.  This along with the availability of semen has put us at the top of a very successful genetic breeding system.  Our overriding aim is to farm profitably without any subsidy while making things as simple as possible. [15] "Clean basis" refers to the net weight anticipated after thorough washing (see "clean yield" above); much wool moved internationally is shipped before washing as the natural oils in the fleece make it travel better. Signet index: 80% of this year's ram lambs were rated in the top 10% of all the Romney Breed in the across-flock national analysis of the breed in the UK. In 1855, 60,000 Merinos had been in New Zealand, but the Romney Marsh sheep thrived more quickly, supplanting the Merino over most of the country. Nose and hooves should be black. Romneys are an old traditional breed, prized for their ability to thrive in many different environments from lowlands to uplands, from lush green meadows to arid, semi deserts, from Britain to New Zealand, from North America back to Britain. W e want to show you our Romney sheep and their wonderful wool. We are SFCP Flock #CT-51 and Certified Scrapie Free as of Fall 2007. Romney Marsh is a sparsely populated wetland area in the counties of Kent and East Sussex in the south-east of England. Merino, Rambouillet) actually has far more wool follicles than the long-wooled sheep, but each supports a slower-growing fiber that is, therefore, shorter at periodic shearing. [5], In the mid-1990s, Romneys comprised 58% of the New Zealand sheep flock (estimated in 2000 at 45 million), with Coopworths (originally Border Leicester on Romney crosses) and Perendales (originally Cheviot on Romney crosses) making up another 16.6%, Merinos 7%, and Corriedales 5.5% of the national flock.[6]. In the same year, total wool exports returned nearly NZ$ one billion, about 3% of total merchandise exports revenues for the country.[16]. Thighs well let down and developed. The Romney, formerly called the Romney Marsh sheep but generally referred to by the local farmers as the Kent, is a breed of sheep originating in England. The breed can still be characterized in that respect as being in the larger half of the spectrum represented say by Cheviot (smaller end) to Lincoln (larger end). Arrange a viewing today. New Zealand is the world's largest producer and exporter of “strong crossbred” wool (a term for wool with average fiber diameter >35.4 microns). Since 1972, natural-colored Romneys have been registered with the American Romney Breeders’ Association (founded 1911), which has developed a special breed standard for them. See more ideas about Romney sheep, Sheep, Romney. “It is said that foot rot and liver fluke seldom affect Romney Marsh sheep.” reads a 1918 American text. Tail set almost even with the chine . The American Romney Breeders Association declares the Romney fleece should be [Bradford system] “44s to 50s.” Transformed arbitrarily into microns[14] by the United States Department of Agriculture this range would correspond to 29.30 to 36.19 microns. View Romney Sheep for sale in the UK. Face in ewes full, and in rams broad and masculine in appearance. In 2008, NZ sheep-meat exports (mostly of lamb) brought in more than half of the country's NZ$4.5 billion meat export revenues.[16]. We want to stimulate thought and fresh ideas, perhaps offering some options to consider when it comes to developing your own sheep enterprise. The Romney is a "long-wool" breed recognized in England by 1800. '  You can find us at New Galloway in Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland.  We believe in running our farm in a balanced way that achieves sustainable profitability along with a healthy family life!  We believe that we've achieved that and we'd like to share our farming experiences with you.

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