Additionally the SM2 allows for flexible mounting to … Disponibile € 41,00. The SM2 is a suspension shock mount that holds a range of large diaphragm condenser microphones. I like the unique and very handy padded metal storage tube. I think you'll be seeing NTG-3s show up in more kits soon. Offer ta (B-Stock) Rode SM-6 shockmount e filtro antipop. ...The Rode NTG-3 appears to be a very solid piece of gear. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. Ottimi per overhead e strumenti acustici, condizioni perfette, possibilità di prova in studio zona nord milano. | su Mercatino Musicale in Microfoni da Studio The NT3 will give you a crisp high end without sounding harsh. Cerca rode nt3 tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. When you wrap the fact you get a completely professional-level shockmount and pop filter thrown in, which is nothing to be sniffed at, the value just keeps getting better. If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! Vendo coppia dì microfoni Rode NT3 con shockmount incluso. Disponibile Confronta. Naviga tra le offerte di rode nt3 pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati. “ ” At the moment, I can't see why not. Beware of counterfeit goods. € 40,00 +-Aggiungi al carrello. The efforts to eliminate RF are noted and appreciated. I have known a lot of people to use this mic regularly and not a single person has complained about the quality of this mic. If you have it all wired up right and in a good stand with a shock mount system you will have excellent results with the NT3 studio / location mic. The NT3 is superior to both of these. Check our website to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized RØDE reseller. The Rode NT3 provides ultra low noise, and I say ultra I mean very low noise. The NT3 has a pretty tight pattern with a great casing. The SM5 is a shockmount that allows you to mount Rode NT3, NT4, NT5, NT55, NTG-1 and NTG-2 microphones on a video camera. It's durable and good looking, plus takes 9V power for field work. The foam windbreaker and simple mic clip all add value to the package. It provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. Confronta. As we all know, the C1000 is a great deal, but the sound of that mic is cheap, brittle and tinny.

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