Examples of Descriptive Toponyms - Yellow River, China - Rocky Mountain - Round Lake, Illinois. p. 15. It is mentioned in several parts of the Bible. Texas isn’t alone in truncating long-winded religious toponyms: consider the case of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula, today known as Los Angeles, California. [12] In a sad irony, Angel Island was the name of the detention camp in the San Francisco Bay Area where immigrants from Asia were held, sometimes for years, before decisions were made to either admit them to return them to their countries of origin. Antioch. Paul of Tarsus lived there for 18 months, and also wrote two epistles to the Corinthians. Protestants make up the largest religious group in California with about 32% of the population subscribing to the faith. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. And, of course, there are many other places named after the Devil such as Mt. While most of them are in the eastern United States, very few are in the west and in Canada. There are more than 200 mega churches in the state with some dating back to the late 19th century. For more on the impact of Christian language and vocabulary see the booklet “The Language of Dominant Christianity” by Paul Kivel available at www.christianhegemony.org. If that is the case then America loves Catholicism even more, since thousands of towns and places are named for Catholic saints, themes, and objects. [They built them for religious reasons.]? Lebanon (Semitic root L-B-N, "white") is a land to the north of the current state of Israel (Biblically; Canaan) and is mentioned 70 times in the Bible. Jesus appeared to two of the Apostles on the road between Jerusalem and Emmaus. Shiloh (Hebrew שילו Šîlô / שלו Šīlô / שלה Šīlōh) was an assembly place for the people of Israel where there was a sanctuary containing the Ark of the Covenant. Mount Hermon (Hebrew הר חרמון Har Hermon) was the northern limit of the Promised Land and possible site of the Transfiguration. We may visit St. Petersburg, Russia[1]; Sao Paulo, Brazil; San Jose or San Isidro, Costa Rica; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Christchurch, New Zealand; Christmas Island in the South Pacific, St. Louis, Senegal; Port St. John’s, South Africa, Holy Island in England, Santo Domingo, San Salvador, Argentina, Devil’s Island in the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile[2], San Fernando, Philippines, the St. Lawrence river, St. John’s Newfoundland, San Juan, Puerto Rico, or the country of El Salvador without recognizing these names as signs of Christian colonization. And just who or what was William named after? Some values are religious (San Francisco, California and Jerusalem, Maryland), some are classical (numerous towns named Troy, Athens, or Rome in the U.S.), and some reflect respect for honored historical figures (both Washington and Martin Luther King lend their names to many entities in many U.S. states and other countries). Importance of time-space convergence. What spatial patterns do you notice? Jerusalem (Hebrew יְרוּשָׁלַיִם Yerushaláyim, "Abode of Peace" or "Abode of Shalim") was the traditional capital city of the Israelites and site of the Temple. Damascus is a Syrian city. Some of the most famous Protestant churches in California include Hillsong LA, Tapestry Church LA, and the Renew Church. SURVEY . Tyre (Hebrew צור Ṣōr) is a city in the Lebanon mentioned many times in the Old Testament. St. James is the patron saint of Spain and is often call Santiago Matamoros (James the Moor killer) because his spirit was believed to have aided the Christians in defeating the Moors in battle. [10] Old French for “falls of St. Mary’s” (Sault de Sainte Marie), [11] named after the city of Saint-Cloud, France, which was named for the 6th-century French monk Clodoald. And, of course, there are many other places named after the Devil such as Mt. Gudde, Erwin; William Bright (2004). There are many cities and other geographic sites in the United States which bear Christian place names such as, Over one thousand cities in the U.S. have Christian biblically derived names including such cities as Salem (OR, VA, MO, NH), Bethlehem, PA, Shiloh, St. Olaf, MN, Mount Olive, NC, Zion, IL, Pella, IA, Palestine, TX. The Pool of Bethesda (Aramaic בית חסדא Beth ḥesda "House of Mercy") is a healing pool in Jerusalem. Our tour guide promptly told us that we had just seen a Jesus Lizard—so named because it appeared to walk on the water. Do your research — “Christian County” has nothing to do with the religion — in both Kentucky and Missouri they were named after William Christian. Consider the following: In California: San Diego, San Miguel, San Francisco, San Bernadino, … The Spanish built the missions for religious reasons. It was founded by a son of Lot. Christian names show up in many other areas of our lives. Answers (1) Dakodah 20 March, 16:39. Along with a ton of San and Santa place names in California, there's also literally thousands of biblical place names in the USA. Bethel (Hebrew: בֵית אֵל bet el, "House of God") was a border town between Benjamin and Ephraim. The European conquest of Africa, the Americas, the Pacific Islands and much of Asia led to the renaming of many landmarks, natural features, and population sites in the European languages of the conquerors. When California obtained the statehood, San Jose was it’s first capital, privilege that lasted a short period of time. Select California-Local. Hebron (Hebrew חֶבְרוֹן Ḥeḇrôn, "friend") was a city in Canaan mentioned in several parts of the Old Testament. Antioch on the Orontes (Greek Ἀντιόχεια ἡ ἐπὶ Ὀρόντου Antiocheia hē epi Orontou) was a city on the eastern side of … [Religion and land use] ʅ Turn on the layer, Missions.? One indicator of dominance is the ability of an institution to rename the people and the geography that they control. Q. [Missions are located along the coastal areas.] Step 10: Turn off the Claims layer, and turn on the layer, Missions. ", "Heaven at Half Hell: Greenlands Farm Reopens Store and Reinvigorates Family Farming", "Salem definition of Salem in the Free Online Encyclopedia", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_biblical_place_names_in_North_America&oldid=982541604#United_States_extended_list, Lists of United States placename etymology, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Where most of the Bible stories took place in what is today Israel, This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 19:59. University of California Press. Explore: What major migrations helped define California toponyms. It was visited by Saint Peter and Saint Paul. California toponym types and a quiz I spent the holidays with family in south-central California near Santa Barbara. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Jordan River (Hebrew: נהר הירדן Nehar Hayarden) forms the eastern border of Palestine and was the site of the baptism of Jesus. Human built parts of the environment such as bridges, canals, and tunnels can also reflect Christian language: St. Johns River Veterans Memorial Bridge, FL. Step 9: Click the button, Bookmarks. Antioch, CA, Carmel, CA, Progress, (IN, OR, PN, FL), and New Hope (TX, PA, HA, MN). Toponyms in southern California reflect which of the following? Ophir (Hebrew אוֹפִיר ʼÔp̄îr) is mentioned in the Bible as a source of King Solomon's wealth.

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