The only problem is that it picks up literally every piece of audio possible in the room. i just bought a razer seiren x and when i plug it into my pc when i listen to it it makes static/crackling noises i dont have a fan or anything nearby so idk what the problem is Had a friend with a headset that anytime his phone was near it gave a static crack. Razer Seiren (non pro) Background noise Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by Trooper402, Feb 5, 2018. Just got the Seiren. This reduces unwanted background noise and allows you to deliver your voice loud and clear to your audience, so they never miss a single message. Trooper402 New Member. Once it is set to that, there is little to none background noise. Page 1 RAZER MASTER GUIDE...; Page 2 is the microphone designed specially to elevate the quality of streams. "Would use on a mobile streaming setup for sure, especially with this (Seiren X), this is like packable, it's compact” An ultra-precise pickup pattern reduces unwanted background noise to ensure superior sound, and the shock-resistant feature minimizes vibrations for consistency. The microphone is pretty solid. I use the Razer Seiren X with Audacity, right now. An ultra-precise pickup pattern reduces unwanted background noise, providing a clear audio experience to your audience. The Razer Seiren Mini has a warmer, balanced sound and picks up less background noise compared to the identically priced Microphone S. Compared to the more expensive Microphone Y, the Razer Seiren Mini is comparable in sound quality with balanced amounts of highs and lows. The ultra-precise pickup pattern and shock-resistant mount reduce unwanted background noise, so your audience never misses a word. Broadcast your voice in exceptional clarity with the Razer Seiren X microphone, designed and tested by top streamers specifically for professional streaming. Tweet. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. To ensure it fits your gaming setup perfectly and professionally, -obstructive, allowing your audience to journey to greater heights. This Razer Seiren X microphone has a zero-latency headphone monitoring port so you can hear what your audience is hearing without echo. Hey everyone, I've been recording some voice lines for video via Audacity and recently have had the problem of audio crackling. My Razer Seiren is almost brand new, so I can't imagine there is anything wrong with the hardware. The microphone strategically filters unwanted background noise and features a built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. It makes the audio levels more extreme, so it seems louder and hurts your ears more. The best audio level to have your audio at is -12DB. Might have just gotten a dud headset. And, the shock-resistant mic protects against sound anomalies so accidental bumps and knocks don't disturb your stream.

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