Your remote is programmed. If you switch inputs on the Energy Power Base, the Bluetooth ... FLASHES PURPLE SLOWLY Energy Power Base decoding Dolby Digital FLASHES GREEN / ORANGE / BLUE … BTW, I assume this is understood but the "blue LED" which isn't coming on is the light on the charger base for the T2+ :-) I agree with the suggestion to try another charger base. It may also light up or blink … 4. The LED will light up or blink when the TV detects certain activities or changes status, such as receiving the signal of the remote or during a software update. Energy Power® Base Remote AC Power Cord Digital Optical Cable 3.5mm to Dual RCA Cable $ TRIM LINE $ $ TRIM LINE $ POWER ON OFF ... (SOLID BLUE LIGHT) and you can stream your music. If I take it off the base, the top button light immediately goes out - as if there is no power … Wait 10 seconds then let go of (menu) and (vol-) 5. wait another 30 seconds and some type of picture should appear, If that does not work, unplug TV for 10 minutes and then hold power … The Playstation 4 has a thing called the Blue Light of Death and so the internet just coined the phrase the blue ring of death. Which is in reference to the solid blue ring that appears on … 2. while holding these, press the power button on the side of TV (NOT remote) 3. ( Note: if the blue light stay on, go to instructions for Intellicode III below) While the long LED is blinking, hold the remote 4 or 5 feet away and press 3, 4 or 5 times, until the door activates. Blue light comes ON and stays ON. Just curious, may I ask why you think the problem might be in the remote as opposed to the charger? The unit will charge up and get a solid blue light. However the dealer that sold me the remote … The long purple LED light will start to blink purple. Do the same 3 steps for each new remote. If the Vive controller is powered on and a blue LED appears on the controller, your controller is not connected properly to your PC. To pair your Vive controller with your PC again, follow these steps: … And if I either hit the top button, or use the remote, I will get a singular beep, but the 11s will not leave the base.

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