I LOVE them. The PRS S2 Standard has 2 variants with 22 and 24 frets. powered by . It was set-up to float slightly, all kept tightly in tune thanks to their PRS's fantastic locking tuners. They're just cleverly made'. PRS Guitars need no introduction, as a high end manufacturer its instruments are on the wish list of many a guitarist. Hardcore PRS fans won't be disappointed with this new Standard 22 but it strikes us a GI Towers that this isn't really designed for hardened PRS nuts. Unfortunately, the controversial PRS S2 series tends to live in the shadows of some of the other PRS guitars, despite it’s amazing bang-for-your-buck price point. The Pattern Regular neck is a bit more modern than the classic PRS necks. The S2 series offers the fit, finish, feel and attention to detail that PRS are known for, yet buying one shouldn't … It’s really great for the player who prefers a flat top, without sacrificing the ergonomic benefits of the forearm contour. These guitars are built with meticulous attention to … However, regarding the S2 guitars specifically....I have two - a Standard 22 and a Singlecut Standard. The biggest differences that separate these from the Core Line are the stripped down features, finish options, and quality of wood selection. £1,279.00 PRS S2 Mira Electric Guitar in Tobacco Burst. They are built to similar quality standards at less than half of the price. Its covered pickups are fantastic sounding humbuckers, delivering just enough high output to not start sounding too muddy and hard to tame, while the split sound was also top notch, yielding all those Strat like out-of-phase qualities that straight ahead humbuckers fail to deliver. The neck pickup is a real gem. It offers up the insane PRS quality at a fraction of the price. This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana. The only change I plan to make on my PRS S2 is locking strap holders. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See Here for more details. Great playability, unique sound, and a classy look makes this a really solid guitar for it’s $1200-ish pricepoint. PRS S2 Studio Review. The new S2 Singlecut Standard Satin, which has a low-key satin finish, may be the least flashy model in the entire S2 lineup, but it gets attention where it counts—playability and tone. Show More Deals . From a constructional and playing angle, this is an all mahogany guitar with a set neck and an asymmetric bevel cut making access to the higher end of the fretboard a breeze. The PRS Core Guitars are produced in Stevensville, Maryland, USA, and the series includes the renowned PRS Custom 24, Custom 22, PRS McCarty, McCarty 594 series, The PRS Hollowbody guitars, 408, 509, as well as a range of signature models including the Santana, DGT ('Dave Grisson Tremolo'), and Mark Tremonti signature guitars. The push/pull tone control allows for … This guitar has a scale length of 25”, which is just below the average of 25.5”. Partially thanks to solid Mahogany and no Maple top, the S2 Standard is a very warm guitar when compared to other PRS models. But our collective view is that this new S2 could swing a lot of players away from rival Gibsons and Fenders - particularly in the light of the former's recently announced price hikes. The S2 series offers the fit, finish, feel and attention to detail that PRS are known for, yet buying one shouldn't mean having to sell your car and learning to love the bus. Harmonics are really sweet and resonant on this guitar as well. Theoretically it should give you all the tonal options you ever need, though sometimes in practice that's not always the case. So does the latest model live up to the high expectations PRS buyers have, and what's different about it? You get 22 frets on a 25” scale length with a rosewood fingerboard and the whole thing, judging from our example, is set up for a perfect action.

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