So the answer cannot be 1/2 (nor 1). But they can have a strategy meeting before the game. Managerial Economics Interview Questions ; Question 19. Frequently asked simple and hard probability problems or questions with solutions on cards, dice, bags and balls with replacement covered for all competitive exams,bank,interviews and entrance tests. 2. The guesser chooses randomly 'green' or 'blue'. 3. So none of the provided answer choices are correct. Your first choice has a 1/3 chance of having the car, and that does not change. This is again a contradiction. Mr. Black, Mr. Gray, and Mr. White are fighting in a truel. b) 1/2 If any of the first 99 people sit in Bruna's seat, neymar will get to sit in his seat. Two dice are tossed. They cannot communicate with each other in any way once the game starts. It was blank. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on "Probability" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Hint: It is not 1/2 as you would first think. After this, every single person who get to the theater sits on his seat if its available else chooses any available seat at random. When we throw a die, the outcome is the number that appears on its upper face. Mr. Gray would rather shoot at Mr. White than Mr. Black, because he is better. Neymar is last to enter the theater and 99 seats were occupied. Cards of hearts and diamonds are red cards. If you are Mr. Black, where should you shoot first for the highest chance of survival? They need to guess their own hat color by writing it on a piece of paper, or they can write 'pass'. Henry is a bit incredulous that his own ex-wife would carry out the punishment, and a bit sad that she was always such a rule follower. Learn and practice basic word and conditional probability aptitude questions with shortcuts, useful tips to … He steels himself as Gretchen loads the chambers, spins the revolver, and pulls the trigger. We have the best collection of riddles with various categories like logic, maths, picture, mystery and much more. What is the probability of getting sum as 9 of the two numbers shown ? Only twenty-three people need be in the room, a surprisingly small number. The bowl is shaken and someone draws two balls from the bowl. Girl - GirlGirl - Boy You cannot hear the goats from behind the doors, or in any way know which door has the prize. If two coins are tossed, the S = {HH, HT, TH, TT}. If the answer is 1/2 (or 1), then because 1/2 (or 1) is 1 out of 4 answer choices, the answer must be 1/4. Mr. Black, who hits his shot 1/3 of the time, gets to shoot first. So if Henry has Gretchen pull the trigger again, the probability that a bullet will be fired is 1/4. This is again a contradiction. The host of a game show, offers the guest a choice of three doors. Should you stay, or switch, or doesn't it matter? If at least one of them guesses correctly they win $50,000 each, but if anyone guess incorrectly they all get nothing. There are Kings, Queens and Jacks. This leaves only three possibilities, one of which is two girls. Random Experiment :An experiment in which all possible outcomes are know and the exact output cannot be predicted in advance, is called a random experiment. Desired cases = [(3,6), (4,5), (6,3), (5,4)] = 4 0≤P(E)≤1   iii. What is the probability of getting a prize? one of two is the possibility A problem is given to three students whose chances of solving it are 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 respectively. Probability is 3/7. Let A, B, C be the respective events of solving the problem and A , B, C be the respective events of not solving the problem. Mr. White, who hits his shot all the time, shoots next, assuming he is also alive. Event : Any subset of a sample space is called an event. This is a famous paradox probability riddle which has caused a great deal of argument and disbelief from many who cannot accept the correct answer. I was told ahead of time that my interview will consist of "fit" questions along with some probability questions. They have two kids, one of them is a girl. If you are one of … Probability of Occurrence of an Event : Let S be the sample and let E be an event. P(∅)=0, v. If A denotes (not-A), then P(A)=1-P(A). The other two doors HAD a combined chance of 2/3, but now a Goat has ben revealed behind one, all the 2/3 chance is with the other door. Probability forms the backbone of many important data scienceconcepts from inferential statistics to Bayesian networks. Tutorial on finding the probability of an event. If Gretchen spins the chamber again, the probability that she shoots Henry would be 2/6, or 1/3, since there are two possible bullets that would be in firing position out of the six possible chambers that would be in position. There are nine chocolates in a box. Hats: BBB, Guess: GGG, Result: Lose You better switch! Hats: BGB, Guess: -G-, Result: Win Answer : The probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is called the significance level α , and very common choices are α = 0.05 and α = 0.01. This gives them a 50% chance of winning. 4. Therefore the probability of choosing the correct answer is 0% ... 10 Answers. This is a famous question in understanding conditional probability, which simply means that given some information you might be able to get a better estimate. Find the probability that they are of same colour. It would not be wrong to say that the journey of mastering statistics begins with probability. To make things a little better for Henry, Gretchen tells him she will place two bullets into a six-chambered revolver in successive order. Boy - Boy Then E= { (1, 1), (1, 2), (1, 4), (1, 6), (2, 1), (2, 3), (2, 5), (3, 2), (3, 4), (4, 1), (4,3),(5, 2), (5, 6), (6, 1), (6, 5) }. Then A, B, C are independent event, Now,  P(A) = 1/2 , P(B) = 1/3 and P(C)=1/4, ∴ P( none  solves the problem) = P(not A) and (not B) and (not C), = PAPBPC         ∵ A, B, C are Independent, Hence, P(the problem will be solved) = 1 - P(none solves the problem), View Answer If any of the first 99 people sit in neymar seat, neymar will not get to sit in his own seat. When we throw a coin, then either a Head (H) or a Tail (T) appears. The cycle repeats. Discuss. What should Henry choose? The judge is his ex-wife Gretchen, who wants to show him some sympathy, but the law clearly calls for two shots to be taken at Henry from close range. If the answer is 1/2 (or 1), then because 1/2 (or 1) is 1 out of 4 answer choices, the answer must be 1/4. So the answer cannot be 1/4. The following are possible combinations of two children that form a sample space in any earthly family: Experiment : An operation which can produce some well-defined outcomes is called an experiment. Boy - Girl She will spin the chamber, close it, and take one shot. What is the probability that only one of them is selected ? Then n(S) = no of ways of drawing 2 balls out of (6+4) =10C2 10 =10*92*1 =45, Let E = event of getting both balls of same colour, Then,n(E) = no of ways (2 balls out of six) or (2 balls out of 4), Therefore, P(E) = n(E)/n(S) = 21/45 = 7/15. 1/2 It has 13 cards of each suit, name Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds. What is the probability that the problem will be solved? With as few as fourteen people in the room the chances are better than 50-50 that a pair will have birthdays on the same day or on consecutive days. Cards of spades and clubs are black cards. You will then get what is behind that door. i. Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. 2. Copyright © 2019 | All Rights Reserved, Quantitative Aptitude - Arithmetic Ability. Then Gretchen asks, 'Do you want me to pull the trigger again, or should I spin the chamber a second time before pulling the trigger?' 1. He should shoot at the ground. Hats: GGG, Guess: BBB, Result: Lose Four balls are placed in a bowl.

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