The cloud makes computing resources more accessible and affordable than ever before so that companies don’t need to invest in heavy infrastructure. Your car says to you, "Please take me in for service soon, as I have predicted my transmission will fail within the next three weeks.". Another option is to work on becoming more comfortable with uncertainty through practices such as meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness.

To deal with polarization, consider communicating with the goal of creating empathetic understanding rather than "winning." The advent of mobile devices built into your glasses, such as Google Glass, will provide yet another multiplicative effect on the moment-to-moment integration of prediction, as well as further accelerating the accumulation of data with which to develop predictive models. One lesson passed down from Bruce Lee was his use and placement of physical symbols as a way to help "cement for yourself this new way of being, or this new lesson you've learned." Siri, available through your car's audio, has been greatly improved -- better speech recognition and proficiently tailored interaction. As you drive to the office, the only thing predictive analytics doesn't do for you is steer the car (yet that's coming soon as well). Companies will turn to predictive analytics for employee management decisions as part of their operational culture. Only 18% can predict how compensation will impact employee performance. Collision avoidance. 6. To pick one example, the U.S. life expectancy in 1950 was 68.2 years. The models are black-boxed – which means that they are invisible to the user. We mentioned how SaaS platforms would take employee predictive analytics to a wider audience, beyond academic research and large enterprises with sizable data repositories. Right now, most HR analytics platforms come with value-adding predictive capabilities (not core features), which deal with employee data in a limited way. Predictive analysis is irreplaceable; among hundreds of its applications are risk … For example, employee predictive analytics can anticipate a demand spike sometime in the future that could lead to costly (even non-compliant) overtime hours. 7. In this video, Shannon shares a story of the fight that led to her father beginning a deeper philosophical journey, and how that informed his unique expression of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do. Predictive models helped determine the medical treatments you have previously received, leaving you healthier today. Impending hazards such as large potholes and bridge failures have been efficiently discovered and preempted by government systems that predictively target inspections. Your Social Techretary offers to read you select Facebook feeds and responses it predicts will be of greatest interest. The future looks bullish for employee predictive analytics. Here, we are looking at predictive analytics as part of workforce management. Some sectors saw lay-offs and pay cuts due to a weak economy. Uncertainty

For many, this year has been full of uncertainty.

Other scenarios, like catastrophic events, could also hasten the creation of singletons. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. A stronger vibration plus a warning sound alert you to a potential imminent collision -- possibly with a child running toward the curb or another car       threatening to run a red light. As you enter your car, a predictive model establishes your identity based on several biometric readings, rendering it virtually impossible for an imposter to start the engine.

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