For example in Nigeria, competition is Challenges facing the poultry industry Start Writing here... Poultry farming has some challenges that need to be attended to with vigor. Table :  Feed conversion ration of domestic birds & animals. And the really good news for a small- and medium-scale producer is that he/she can also profit from this burgeoning demand by starting his/her own poultry business, and earn a … A regular laying hen converts vegetable proteins into valuable animal proteins with an efficiency which is perhaps the highest among all domestic animals. This article focuses more on commercial poultry farming. Unlike the land cultivation or dairy farming, poultry farming requires very little water both for drinking and cleaning purposes. the farmers can take good care of poultry and earn a substantial income from eggs, meat, feathers and manure. Poultry feeds do not compete with human food. Dear patron, thank you for being our reader. People are willing to pay extra for products that come from verified sources and are farmed naturally, without the use of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals. Broilers start paying within 6 to 10 weeks. There is an increase in poultry meat consumption than red meat. Eat Healthy: 6 Regular Calcium Rich Foods that Contain More Nutrition than A Regular Glass of Milk, Farmers can Earn Huge Income by Cultivating Black Turmeric with This Latest Technology, Good News for Livestock Farmers! The increase in a number of restaurants, hotels, occasions, event proves that poultry meat is preferred to any other one. Poultry has emerged as the fastest growing segment not only in the livestock sector, but of agriculture sector as a whole. = Table shows the quantity of feed required in kilogram to produce 1 kg of product. My farm generates about 225,000 dollars a year. Well, there is no fixed profit in poultry farming since the profits in any poultry farming depends on many factors such as feed management, climatic conditions, diseases, proper and timely vaccination and marketing. Our talk and interview session with the prominent people in the agriculture industry. For example, starting with a set of pullet and a cockerel, it is possible to produce 2,500 commercial pullets within 40 months which in turn can lay half a million eggs within 18 months. The term poultry farming is an all-encompassing word used for the rearing of birds of different kinds. This means that technically a Layer is … Poultry farming offers opportunities for full time or part-time employment to men, women, children and elderly people on the farm operation. One litre of water will be sufficient for 5 birds in a day. I am KJ Staff. Agricultural labourers, marginal and small farmers, will profit adequately if they start this business on a small scale. These figures help to explain why there are so many opportunities in the industry today. Join our WhatsApp group and get the most important updates you need. = Chicken start laying eggs when they are about 6 to 8 months of age and broilers get ready to be marketed for poultry meat at the age between 6 to 10 weeks. There is a very high chance that if you invest in farming, you will gain profit soon and here are the things you need to do first to get your poultry farming business started: = The layers start laying at 18 months for one year. It helps the farmers in other ways too. Take a quiz and test your agriculture knowledge, Your complete guide to a succesful farming, Subscribe to our print & digital magazines now. My houses are 500 feet long and 40 feet wide. Poultry is easy to manage since the birds arc docile. Table : Average nutrient content of poultry dropping compared with other manures. It supports l ancillary industries like feed mixing units, poultry equipment manufacturers, hatcheries, chicken processing units etc. Poultry provides a continuous source of income.

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