The nailer … Porter Cable 3-1/2 in. Balanced and easy-to-handle, the FC350A features a 30- to 34-degree collated clipped head, resists both misfires and jams, … to 3-1/2 in. The tool-less depth of drive, the built in sequential / single fire trigger, the availability of the 30 to 34 degree nails, price, and the Porter Cable name. long. Very strong nailer, uses large amounts of air - I can fire 6 or 7 shots before my compressor restarts, with my finish nailers, I can shoot 30 or more nails before a restart. 30 Degree to 34 Degree Clipped-Head Framing Nailer Nice! Porter Cable FC350A Nailer Review. I also compared the nailer to other guns for weight, driving power, etc. While a little heavier then other models, the 14 pound FC350A nailer is built for a long life of abuse on the job site. The trigger … This rugged nailer shoots full head or clipped head paper tape nails from 2 in. and the PC nailer … Taking advantage of compressed air the nailer shoots 30 to 34 degree clipped head framing nails. Holds 2 clips and shoots Paslode 30 degree … The Banks 30°-34° Framing Nailer is designed to handle all types of framing and sheathing.

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