It will self-seed readily if it is not deadheaded. Tree peonies are good borders or hedge plants, particularly because their foliage is nearly as attractive as their blooms. Avoid planting too close to tree trunks (no closer than a foot) and keep the mulch at least 6 inches from the trunk. It has flat green needle-shaped leaves and produces red berries from March to May. Kathleen Miller is a Master Gardener and Horticulturist with over 30 years experience in gardening and sustainable farming. It will grow in all textures of soil and can be maintained as a shrub or a tree. Among deciduous shrubs, Japanese rose is one of the most shade-tolerant shrubs available and will do better than survive in shade. These needled evergreen bushes are valued for their showy, red, berry-like cones and as shrubs that grow in shade. Its leaves can produce a minty scent, and its edible, red berries taste like wintergreen gum. Red buckeye can be grown with multiple or single trunks. Your email address will not be published. Euphorbia is perfect to plant under large trees. Their flowers are also noteworthy especially because they are wonderfully aromatic. It will grow in partial shade. Clematis Care: The Ultimate Guide To Planting, Growing and Pruning Clematis, Shade Gardening: 15 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Shade Garden. Shiny evergreen foliage and tiny white flowers make a stunning backdrop to the perennials in the dry shade garden. Sky pencil, with its smooth-edged leaves, works well in corners and tight spaces. Perennial plants come back year after year and shade perennials do best in the shade. Alpine currant is a European native that features bright green foliage. This plant is often used to control erosion along creeks and riverbanks. Zones: 4 – 8Bloom Time: Early summerHeight: 8’ – 15’. I shear the geraniums off when they get scraggly in September so that the colchicum blossoms can be seen. Read about 30 shrubs that thrive in shady and partially shady areas of your garden. From late summer until freeze-up, this fast-growing vine will be covered in masses of very fragrant small creamy-white blossoms that are followed by lacy white seed heads. It rapidly spreads by rooting at the stem joints and is considered mildly invasive. Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is one of the loveliest shade-tolerant perennials. This easy care fast-growing herbaceous perennial is very tolerant of dry partial shade. Serviceberry trees and shrubs are members of the Rosaceae family, which includes roses and many flowering, fruiting trees and shrubs. The arrowwood type is an excellent choice for shade. The Pulmonaria reaches 12 to 14 inches tall. An exotic looking large lobed-leafed evergreen that will lose its leaves if frost bitten, but the roots will revive provided they are protected from freezing with mulch. It produces big, beautiful peony flowers in many different shades. Plant in hummus rich soil in partial shade. The red tip photinia is an evergreen shrub that produces young red leaves, while its older leaves are green. "It actually does make flowers," Beyers adds. To give the plants their best chance of survival, amend the soil with compost prior to planting. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala ssp. Although it produces insignificant white flowers in spring, it is grown for its deer and rabbit resistant dark green foliage. After putting the plant in its hole, water well and add a layer of mulch to help the soil retain moisture. Deciduous serviceberries are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. These shrubs should be fertilized once a year as new growth appears, using an acid-based fertilizer. It has won the Award of Merit from the RHS. Zones: 6 – 9Bloom Time: Early summerHeight: 1’ – 2’. Witch hazel is a tall shrub that will add fall color to your garden. If you prefer red leaves, you can simply trim new growth on a regular basis, and the plant will continue to produce new leaves all year long. Different species of viburnum can give your garden color in multiple seasons, not only because of their multi-colored flowers but also with their leaves and fruit. They form a clump of disease resistant evergreen leaves, come in single and double blossoms in a wide range of colors, and bloom from early spring into the summer. Cranesbill is a hardy, deciduous perennial that produces delicate flowers in a variety of colors (G. spessart is white) that bloom all summer, particularly if dead headed. Mulching with peat moss will help provide the acidity this plant craves. Leatherleaf Mahonia is a perennial shrub that needs partial shade to thrive. Asarum canadense—Canadian wild ginger—is an interesting native plant to choose for your shade garden. It has interesting white blooms in the fall. Glad you like it, Jean. Large stunning green oak-shaped leaves, with mauve-white spires in spring, provide good contrast at the back of the border for smaller leaved perennials. I have it triple planted with snow drops and Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) around a Korean lilac bush. While this shrub can be planted … Dwarf fothergilla is a deciduous flowering shrub known for its fluffy flowers in spring and its fall leaf colors. Tiny spring flowers usually bloom in early spring. Bunchberry is a relative of the dogwood, and produces blossoms that give it nicknames such as "creeping dogwood" and "bunchberry dogwood." Like boxwood shrubs Hetz Japanese holly can be closely sheared to form shaped hedges. Dry shade is one of the toughest locations to try to grow plants. Japanese anemones have delicate pink or white flowers that sway in the late summer wind until frost. Sky Pencil holly is a variety of Japanese holly with a distinctive tall, columnar shape. While red tip photinia typically grows to about 10 feet tall, some cultivars can grow to 20 feet. To keep it tidy, mow it off to the ground in the late winter before the new growth begins. The yew is an evergreen shrub that grows well in partial shade or sun. You can make extracts from the witch hazel shrub to harness the plant's astringent properties. The shrub cultivars of this plant make terrific hedges. Zones: 4 – 8Bloom Time: SpringHeight: 6” – 12”. The size can be controlled to a lovely bush by cutting it to the ground in the fall. Which is why when I find plants that thrive in this location, I’m sure to keep track of what they are. Andromeda shrubs may offer something else, too: fragrant flowers. California Sweetshrub is a low maintenance shrub that produces a pleasant fragrance that some say resembles that of red wine. Black lace elder likes partial shade, has fragrant pink flowers in early summer that are striking against the lacy dark burgundy foliage, followed by black berries. These are not difficult to remove to maintain the size of the clump. You can't miss this "architectural plant," and once you have identified it, you will never forget it. Pruning is unnecessary except to remove dead or broken bits. This shrub sports glossy evergreen leaves and produces showy clusters of flowers in late spring.

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