a struct item **), or instead have the function return the pointer. When passing a struct to another function, it would usually be better to do as Donnell suggested above and pass it by reference instead. Either pass a pointer to the pointer (i.e. We can pass structure variable to a function as argument as a local or reference copy, What is StrucutresFunctions , Link between Structure and Function, How to pass structure to a function. Given a structure and we have to pass it to a function in C. T2Us TutourialToUs Toggle navigation C Language Tutorial. Passing structure as function argument Structure can be passed to function through its object therefore passing structure to function or passing structure object to function is same thing because structure object represents the structure. 4. Passing Structure As Function Argument in C. Like an array, C supports the passing of structure value as an argument to functions. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Apr 8 '12 at 21:32. The function operates on a copy of the pointer, and never modifies the original. Passing structure variable to a function in C programming language. You can pass a structure to a function as argument like we pass any other variable to a function. In this article, we will learn how to pass structure as a function parameter in C. Before that, we will review the basics of structure in C. Structure is a user-defined data-type, which is used to store data of different data types or data of same data type, structures allow us to treat a group of related variables as a single unit rather than separate entities. Because you are passing the pointer by value. There are three methods by which the value of a structure can be transferred from one function to another. Structure variable is passed using call by value. A very good reason for this is that it makes things easier if you want to make changes that will be reflected when you return to the function that created the instance of it. In other words, Passing Structure As Function Argument in C may be done by using Anyone of the following. In this C program, we are going to learn how to pass a structure type of data type to a user define function?Here, we are an example, where we are passing a structure to a function in C. Submitted by IncludeHelp, on March 22, 2018 . Oliver Charlesworth Oliver Charlesworth. Using function we can pass structure as function argument and we can also return structure from function.

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