I had lab where we were looking for the partition coefficient of benzoic acid between methylene chloride and water. The partition can then be determined by calculation. Then I extracted the 30 ml of methylene and withdrew 2ml from this. Determinationof Partition Coefficient via Extraction of Benzoic Acid and itsConjugate Base from Two Immiscible Phases Abstract Thepurpose of this experiment was to determine the partition coefficientof Benzoic Acid in two immiscible phases: an organic phase and anaqueous phase. I added 30 ml of water and methylene chloride and then 1g of benzoic acid to a separatory funnel, shook it and let it settle. NaOH needed to titrate benzoic acid remaining in aqueous layer after one 10 mL dichloromethane extraction. 2nd extraction: 8.0 mL 0.020 M aq. Part A involved the liquid-liquid extraction of asolution of Benzoic acid in CH2Cl2 as the organic phase … 2. hey having a question on getting it right. 600 microliter of MTBE is later added then evaporated, and solid weight of benzoic acid obtained... in the end i got 0.0165 g benzoic acid. Graphically it was observed that partition coefficient of benzoic acid in acidic pH … EXTRACTION - PARTITION COEFFICIENT 4A - Benzoic Acid in Methylene Chloride - Water 4B - Benzoic Acid in Methylene Chloride - 10% Sodium Bicarbonate DR. SUNDIN Organic Chemistry 3510 1. Add 0.05 g benzoic acid ( i measured 0.0513 g) followed by addition of 1 ml water, and 1 ml MTBE. RE: partition coefficient help? To determine the partition coefficient of Benzoic Acid between Benzene and water the solubility of benzoic acid is required. Read pages 26-27, 29, 55-63, 67-69, 123-129. This Site Might Help You. PART IN: Microscale extraction Data (4 points) Complete the following table to calculate the partition coefficient. Initial Mass of benzoic acid (e) Mass of benzoic acid recovered (8) Volume of dichloromethane (ml) Concentration in Org. The partition coefficient of benzoic acid in benzene-water system was found to be 0.636 and in buffer solutions of pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and pH 9.0 were 0.841, 0.624 and 0.589 respectively. Let’s say you did this lab and collected the following data: 0.61g benzoic acid in 250.0 mL water = 0.020 M aqueous solution of benzoic acid 1st extraction: 10.5 mL 0.020 M aq.

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