Andreas Ö. January 28, 2014 at 4:57 am. mmmh, yes it's the same if you want to apply a parallel compression to a clean track without any other processing on it. Or is parallel processing only eq and compression. Thank You. Some of the good plugins also have Saturation and other features too so it can help tons. I use both methods depending on just about everything else that's going on. Being a beginner that I am, I wish you could point me in the right direction to a basic course on setting up gain staging, proper track levels and such. That’s why parallel compression is often used on drums and percussion. If the knob is moved to the very right (=100%wet) the audio signal is completely compressed. I like to use the method of metal_priest, not only because you have more freedom with a separate track for. If you're having phasing problems with a parallel bus (due to the phase shifts introduced by whatever plugin you're working with): Just tried again with the different routing and still the same issue. I’m not sure I will do a whole video course on gain staging, but it is an important topic I need to cover. So I'm just getting into reaper, and started recording some mulit-mic drums. Until some time ago, when I hear talking about “parallel compression” I was used to think about that concepts too hard to understand, due to the complexity of the topics. Yes, you COULD adjust things that way (assuming no phase issues) but it's easier and more intuitive to have the separate parallel elements on their own mixer tracks. Sorry, serr but unless I misunderstood your post (and the similar post you made before elsewhere), that's all completely wrong... (sorry if I didn't get what you mean). Drums Parallel Compression 4. Put a js time adjuster plugin set to negative the offset on the track with the offending plugin. And that folder becomes the buss. Cities & Memory | Field Recordings, Sound Map, Sound Art, REAPERBLOG Video Tools: Video Processor Presets & Training, REAPERBlog Video Tools: Presets & Training, "Back and Forth", a new Scratch and Turntable Sound Effects Kit, Gigantic Black Friday Sale: Amazing deals on sound libraries, plugins & instruments (+ free SFX library & LOTS of extras with ANY order! By moving the dry/wet knob of the fx plug-in you are able to add the desired amount of parallel compression. Heavy compression has a particularly satisfying effect on drums. Really too much for my lazy mind. thanks Learn how your comment data is processed. REAPER always had the universal track class and introduced bussing folders later, for the convenience and organisation they bring. Step 8: Set parallel compression. You can use this technique on ANY instrument including vocals, bass, electric guitars, whatever! ), Great new audio jobs at Soundtree Music, Ubisoft Malmö, Avid, MY.GAMES, PitStop, Improbable, Harman, Ubisoft Lyon, EA DICE, Amazon, King, Spatial, Loove Labs, MSG Networks, NBC Sports Group, and Apple, how to EQ and apply compression to rock vocals, how to set up multiple reverb buses, and why. It significantly saves on processing power. Don't Fear The Reaper; Parallel Compression in ReaComp: Confirm/Clarify; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. That's the very point of folders, it's completely clear that child tracks always route to the parent and the routing matrix is still a valuable device to manage all tracks that are not in folders. You kind of want to avoid the wet/dry control in the plugin anyway for parallel work. Drum bus, mix bus, and parallel compression with ReaComp. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

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