Basil. Regardless, the origin of the word is still fitting today as basil definitely rules the kitchen. Just keep your plants keep it in full sun with moist roots. Even if the basil doesn't root, keeping the stems freshly cut and in a jar of water will help them stay fresh. The roots of the plant should have a light white color to indicate that they are healthy. It is also used in cosmetics and herbal medicine. Remember that it must be an airy place without other distinct fragrances. I stored my basil in a jar on the kitchen counter for a month and did nothing more than change the water once a week. Otherwise, the basil will pick these up as unwanted flavors. Not bad for a £1.25 investment. You can also dry basil leaves in a shady place, like a shed or an attic. Basil, in this form, can be used straight out of the freezer in soup and sauces. Lazy Sundays is a series where I will feature random tips and curious things that I come across in my food journey. I was able to grow roots on the second try. What is the best way to preserve fresh basil? Just spread out the basil leaves on a baking sheet and let them dry in the coolest setting of your oven (200 degrees or less) for 2 to 4 hours or until very dry and crumbly. I have a friend that say’s she can’t get hers to live. This is much smarter than stocking the freezer with an end-of-times supply of. 4 – The basil plant from the store. Let us know in the comments. I have been told that room temperatre or slightly warm water encourages root growth. Supermarket basil is often hydroponically grown and only has water roots. Keep it in the cloud! If healthy and fresh enough, the basil will grow roots and be fun for the whole family because nature is a magical unicorn. How to store fresh cut basil for 2-3 days. Organize your shopping, keep spending on track, create shopping lists fast & easy. This is due to the incorrect storage of the fresh herbs in the supermarket. Then, pour olive oil over them and freeze. 'Tis the season for hoarding way more herbs than you can cook with. All the roots start competing with each other for water and sunshine, and none of them win. Try to keep the roots intact as much as possible. This is much smarter than stocking the freezer with an end-of-times supply of spicy pesto. Then, place the pot with basil in a sunny, dry, and ventilated place. The secret to having these plants grow is to keep them in shade and very well-watered. Privacy Policy | Terms of service | © 2006-2019 Listonic. Therefore, the potted basil plant should be immediately replanted into a larger pot and have its soil changed. I was especially paying attention not to overwater the plant. Try to cut as far above the woody part as possible (if the herbs are a little older) without losing leaves. Change the water weekly or if it gets dirty/cloudy. A potted basil plant from the store often withers quickly after bringing it home. The refrigerator method. Hi, I purchase the live basil with just the roots every week at the grocery store. We use cookies on You can also tear the basil leaves and put them in an ice cube tray. To dry basil, place the leaves on a baking sheet and dry them slowly in the oven at a maximum temperature of 35°c/95°f. Step 4 Store the basil for longer than two days by covering the jar with a plastic bag. The more you pick those growing tips the more the plant will produce. The fresh basil may continue to grow roots that you can transplant outdoors or grow indoors in a pot. It's a slippery slope into hydroponic systems and more complex methods, so for the purpose of this post (it's lazy after all) I'll keep things simple. It needs to be dried and stored so it can be used in the middle of winter. Copyright © 2019, Chic42, Inc. All rights reserved. It will protect them from moisture and preserve its taste and aroma. Organic Basil Genovese seeds at Eden Brothers Seed Co How to Propagate Basil. Basil. How do you store fresh basil in the refrigerator? All rights reserved. The water should come 1/2-1 inch up the stems. Leave the oven door opened slightly to allow steam to escape. Try to cut as far above the woody part as possible (if the herbs are a little older) without losing leaves. Another interesting way to preserve them in the fridge is to put the leaves in a jar and cover them with olive oil before refrigerating. If they are withered and they have lost their firmness and vividness of color, the basil is rotting. There’s a silver lining here, though. The information I found on the subject suggests that the roots are too thin to survive a move to dirt. Freezing fresh basil leaves is a very effective method of preserving their taste and aroma. Basil gets its name from the Greek word ‘basileus’, which means ‘king’ because they believed that only the king could pick it. You don't need any fancy equipment to dry basil either. Instead, tear them with your fingers. Cut the ends of the stems to allow the basil to absorb water more easily. This is due to the incorrect storage of the fresh herbs in the supermarket. I have done everything possible by their directions and it alway’s ends up dying the next day or two. Supermarket-bought basil (with roots) can also be replanted, although you may struggle to grow it successfully. This one is probably the most common method of keeping your basil fresh for a few days. If you are only looking to store your fresh basil for a couple of days, Than these are 2 methods you can use. f the basil isn't wilted but the ends of the stems are looking a little rough and haven't rooted, trim again. But do you know how to store basil to preserve its freshness and properties? I gave this approach a try with some basil from Peacock Family Farms and it has been a hydroponic champ going on two weeks a month now. Smell – fresh basil leaves are characterized by its signature lively and intense fragrance If you can’t smell this distinct aroma, then it is far from fresh. Using a knife will bruise the leaves making their color change from pleasing green to unappetizing black. 4 – The basil plant from the store This is the pot of basil that I bought in the supermarket two weeks ago, I kept it on the window sill and in my growing spot with grow lights the last two weeks. It should be placed immediately in the fridge, or dried and stored in a jar. This sweet, unique fragrant herb does not keep long after it is picked. If you cover the leaves with olive oil, they can last up to 2 months. I heard through the farmers market grapevine that basil can be stored in a glass of water and it will not only last longer, but the stems will grow roots.

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