Homemade Mango Jam Recipe without Pectin. Ja Makin’ Me Crazy Mango Jam has delicious island flavors and is as pretty as a sunset on the beach! It tastes just like store-bought jam and uses no preservatives. Find out how to preserve perfectly ripened mangoes with this If you want to make mango jam, start by removing the skin and cutting a ripe mango into thirds. Then, use a fork to mix and mash the mango until it has a jam-like consistency. Cook the mango in a pan with 2 cups of sugar for 25-40 minutes until the mixture is thick. But let me tell you how this jam really came to be…. Homemade Mango Jam . Since I shared my recipe for the Jerk Chicken Bowl with California Fig Salsa (which included mangos) I wanted to continue sharing those same bright flavors and this jam came right to mind!. A complete win-win! Ja Makin’ Me Crazy Mango Jam. This small batch homemade mango jam uses just 3 ingredients and is ready under 15 minutes. Warning: Do not consume this jam by the spoonful as it is sooo delicious but high in sugar!

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