Everybody reading this right now can put their hand through glass, it's just that in every case we'd break the glass, and we'd probably injure ourselves in the process. The answer is that they don't, they just cheat. So to continue our quest for truth and justice, we asked our readers to take some famous magic tricks and demolish the illusion surrounding them. Anybody can cut a human being in half, but seemingly it's only magicians who are able to do it without killing the person involved in the process. At the end of the performance, the assistants shift the real mirror to the front side again. You'll only see this trick attempted by magicians who are very adept at sleight of hand. First, there's a back brace which helps them to balance on the point, and then there's a corset that holds the 'point' that appears to have passed straight through their body. However, fakirs from all over the world amaze people with the ability to easily swallow a sword. They can pour water into a cup, and then second later turn the cup over to reveal that the water has magically turned into ice. Jackson and the magicians use the same method to do this - shoes with holes cut into them. Those people are jerks, and we disagree. You've all seen this trick done before. Others would say we like to suck the fun out of things, destroying the magic of life wherever we go. Turning $1 into $100 is so easy when you know the secret. 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This trick used to be seen a lot more often than it is now. All you need to do is drape a special construction over the truck, create a fake audience with your friends, and ask somebody to drive the truck out of the construction. A performer appears to float above the ground, balancing only on a stick or a cane that can't possibly be strong enough to carry their weight. Now there is a space to move a hand. The secret to this is that the feet at the end of the box are dummy feet. The 6 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed. The razors the audience saw were surreptitiously spat back into the water instead of swallowed. World’s 9 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed. Combining physical strength and tricky fake locks makes this magic happen. In the age of the internet, though, some of the details have begun to emerge. 1943k. A classic close-up magic trick. The reality is that it isn't possible at all. All the person in the box has to do is get their real feet and legs out of the way before the buzzsaw slices through them. This is a reasonably common piece of street magic. If you can't pull a rabbit out of a hat, are you even a magician? If the performer is wearing long sleeves, you can usually guess what happened to it, but sometimes they're not - so what happens then? As soon as the spoon is in their hand, they push a small piece of silver between their fingers where the spoon's handle should be. This was a favorite of Houdini, and is still considered to be a difficult and impressive trick to perform today. In either case, you'll never be able to look at these common magic tricks the same way again. Then he tears it into 4 pieces and magically restores the signed card in front of the amazed audience. He would invite the audience to examine a series of razor blades to verify they were real, put them in a glass of water, and then drink them. Some of what you're about to see is complicated. Now you can walk on water without being the son of God. It's like they've found a way to cheat gravity. In other cases, you'll be stunned by how easily performers can fool you. Phosphorous can easily begin to burn, though, so using the smallest amount possible is crucial! Magic tricks revealed Learn popular illusions: magic pencil. Magic tricks revealed Learn popular illusions: magic pencil. The secret is quite simple: the illusionist has a folded card in his pocket, and he substitutes the signed card with it. One wrong move and they'd be in real trouble. Secrets Behind The Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed. That isn't the smart way to do it though - the more skilled musicians use simple misdirection and sleight of hand. 2-25 2. Welcome to the most basic trick in magic. Another trick from the classic era of magic! The trick is usually performed in muddy or unclear rivers or man-made waters like swimming pools. Admit it - you tried to this in the playground at school once. They're actually sitting very comfortably, and the laws of gravity haven't been broken. The trick can be explained very simply. The cut-in-half illusion only works when you watch the performer from the front. The key to escaping is all about the handcuffs, though - they can be opened using a key which is pinned to the wall on the far side of the cabinet. If the screen wasn't there, you'd see what was really happening - the magician walks or crawls through a tunnel below the wall, which was dug earlier on and is also obscured by the screens. Others would say we like to suck the fun out of things, destroying the magic of life wherever we go. What the audience didn't know is that they and the TV cameras were mounted on a giant platform, and they were very slowly being rotated. It can still go very wrong if their timing is out. The skill of a magician lies in his or her ability to keep you frozen in expectation of their next unbelievable trick. The main goal is to make a glass or clear plastic platform essentially invisible to the audience. 10 Secrets Behind the Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed. It keeps you from staring too hard at the position of the magician, who's standing in the way of a steel beam that is holding the board in place. A performer takes a coin, puts it in the palm of their hand, and then opens their palms out to you. Another favorite trick of Houdini. It's often said that true magicians never reveal their secrets. Here are the secrets magicians don't want you to know, with step by step explanations. The holes allow them to secure themselves to strong nails hammered into the floor, and then they can lean forward as far as they wish. Plastic bags like Ziploc bags are polymers which have long bonds and chains. It looks like the cup is left floating in mid-air. The trick requires lots of physical and psychological preparation. Sometimes they'll even magically put the coin back together. Easy! Doing so can get them expelled from the magic circle! All Angel really did was step out of the shell of one of his shoes, and hid one foot behind the other. The buzzsaw trick is a lot like the 'cutting someone in half' trick, but taken to the next level.

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