We have resolved the loss of function affecting some of our LiftMaster 888LM Control Panels. This problem is caused by the wall console and Liftmaster does have a replacement available, under warranty, until September of 2023.The original wall console is the model 888LM and The replacement model is the 889LM.Our replacement wall console solved the problem and took just a few minutes to replace using onlya Philips head screwdriver.For your convenience we have added The link to Liftmasters website where you can fill out the form to receive your 889LM wall console.https://cloud.info.liftmaster.com/888LMReplacement Install On Sectional Doors With Torsion Assemblies Only S e e Page 1 8 f o r D e t a i l s Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Model 8500 LiftMaster 300 Windsor Drive Oak Brook, IL 60523. 8\" between the side wall and the end of the torsion bar. Overall, a good solid garage door operator. One disadvantage of this model is that a vault release or external emergency release mechanism cannot be used with this unit. Also need an electric outlet. The wall mount design frees the garage of hanging openers and eliminates sound and vibration through the ceiling. Install LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener - YouTube Must have at least 3\" between the ceiling and the torsion bar. Before installing any opener. Torsion bar must extend 1-5\" past the bearing plate. The garage door must be in good working order and adjusted properly. Install on sectional doors with torsion spring assembly only. How to Install a Liftmaster 8500W Garage Door Opener - YouTube LiftMaster 8500 \u0026 8500C Spontaneous activation with loss of remote and wall button controlIf you have a Liftmaster 8500 or 8500C and your garage door is opening on its own and does not respond to your remotes or wall console, you’re not alone. A remote light that can be installed anywhere in the garage. In this video we are installing the operator on a garage door with high lift track and there is a beam located in the ceiling of the garage making it impossible to use a traditional opener. While the incidents of improperly functioning units are low, we are extending the warranty for affected customers until September 2023. http://www.gsoverheadsystems.com/The LiftMaster 85000 Jackshaft garage door opener is made for residential and light commercial use. Also costs a bit more than your standard type opener. These units were packed in with garage door opener models 8500 and 8500C, and/or sold as an accessory, such as MYQPCK. LiftMaster 8500 / 8500C Opens and Closes by itself - YouTube This unit is battery back up capable, but the battery is not included. MyQ enabled technology with an advanced wall console, (888LM) and programming ability for freedom and control.

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