The Athenian War Hero Boots can be acquired by eliminating Podarkes the Cruel in the Mykonos Leader House in Delos during the "Hades, Meet Podarkes" Side Quest in the Silver Islands. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has 12 Legendary Armor Sets. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members. Most of the temples are heavily guarded by soldiers or bandits. It’s colored yellow (or gold) in the inventory. Obtaining and equipping a full set of legendary armor will grant players bonuses, some of which may change the entire course of their journey (including how they approach Odyssey's abilities). In the first part of this article you will find out everything you need to know about the Legendary Armor Sets – how many are there, what bonuses each one gives you, how to find and obtain the separate pieces. The armor set provides a bonus of 20% to all resistances. The wolf is roaming around the tip of Lakonia. The Pirate Set boosts Assassin Damage, CRIT Chance, & Adrenaline gain. Pilgrim's Hood - Inside a chest in the Eleusis Telesterion in Attika. After all, most of them require defeating members of the Cult of Kosmos - and that can be harrowing in and of itself. The Armor of the Immortal can be acquired by eliminating Diona during the course of the "I, Diona" Side Quest in Kythera Island. The Athenian War Hero Set not only boosts Hunter Damage, it grants bonuses to Bow Charging Speed & some Hunter Abilities. You need to go through the Side Quest "A Life's Worth". Each part of the Snake Set can be acquired by defeating Cultist members of the Eyes of Kosmos. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has one of the coolest armor sets in a singleplayer RPG and it does it very right. You must be fighting on the side of Athens for Pallas to appear on the battlefield. #4. This page contains a showcase of all armors with pictures and a guide for all legendary armor set locations. ... Epic vs Legendary Armor I seem to come across more epic gears that have better stats than legendaries. The entire Eye of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos needs to be defeated in order to obtain the full set. It's to the south of the Mount of Koryphe. (C) 2018 Ubisoft Entertainment. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. The Bracers of Theseus can be acquired by eliminating the mercenary with the suffix the Flash & the Lucky Drunk. Players who play as Kassandra will obtain the Amazon legendary armor set (something akin to Wonder Woman's armor), whereas players who play as Alexios will get the Achilles armor upon defeating all the members of the Heroes of the Cult. To collect other pieces, you can complete the Cultist hit list from your menu or hunt down the legendary creatures from the "Daughters of Artemis" quest line. The Greek Heroes armor set is ideal for all-around defense & damage control. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Helm of Achilles - Defeat Pallas the Silencer. Spartan War Hero Helmet can be acquired by eliminating The Monger during the Main Quest Episode 5 in Korinthia. The armor of Achilles is pretty much the same as the Amazon set, essentially, but … *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. The Pilgrim's Belt is guarded by a pack of Huntresses in the Ruins of Artemis. It also comes with a legendary spear & a Spartan Renegade skin for Phobos. It can be found in Messara. The Snake Set grants bonuses in Assassin & Poison Damage, as well as longer duration of poison effects. This AC Odyssey Atlantis Legendary Equipment Guide will list all of the different Legendary items we’ve discovered so far and tell … The Master's Artemis Gloves will be granted to you once you give the pelt of the Erymanthian Boar to Daphnae. It's perfect for brawlers who want to jump into the frey of the fight, without worrying about enemy damage. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members. Epic pieces come with 3 perks, plus an engraving slot. The Master's Artemis Hood will be given to you by Daphnae once you turn in the hide of the Krokottas Hyena. This is perfect for stealth missions that only require you to go in and out of a location without being seen. Athenian War Hero Helmet - Defeat Kodros the Bull. You'll receive some pieces of legendary armor when you complete the main story quest, right after confronting Deimos in Episode 9. They can be found in the Pandora's Cove area in Malis. Pilgrim's Boots - Inside a chest in the Temple of Britomartis in Messara. Agamemnon's Helmet can be acquired by eliminating Machaon The Feared in the Port of Patrai in Achaia. In order to obtain the Arena Fighter's legendary armor set, players will have to complete the Arena - defeating every champion - for a second time at or near the max level. Aside from the base stats that each item has, Epic and Legendary gear also have slots available for an added boost in the form of Engravings. It allows you to restore a percentage of health, as long as damage is sustained. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has made great strides in allowing players to customize their weapons and armor. The Agamemnon set is built around using fire & surviving through the flames of the element. Mansoor is the lead features editor at Screen Rant. This armor set restores health with every use of Overpower Abilites. Someone must be following his career with great interest... All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Each part of the Athenian War Hero Set can be acquired by defeating Cultist members of the Delian League. The legendary bear can be found in Arkadia. It's best to check the list to see which mercenary is carrying what piece and then track them. This set provides massive stat bonuses for defense & resistance. The Spartan War Hero Set is practically the antithesis to the previous one – … Both armor sets provide players will a full set bonus of +2% damage dealt restored as health. The Pilgrim's Gloves can be looted in the Akropolis of Argos. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members. And acquiring each Pilgrim armor piece allows players to spend 40% less adrenaline when using the Shadow of Nyx ability.

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