Now it was time to cue the pity party music. Date: September 25th 2020 Where: The Virginia Creeper Trail Abingdon, Virginia Start: 5am Creeper Trail Cottages - Damascus VA Finish:Creeper Trail Cottages - Damascus , VA Awards: Handmade Buckles Cut-Off: 30 hours Elevation Gain : 3,000ft Is my tiredness getting better or worse? Not good at all. What was next on the ultra ladder? It is 100% flat, there are barely any usable sidewalks, and ZERO trails. In September of 2014 we arrived to our new home in Mérida, México. After some good pep talk and me swallowing my pride, I decided that if I had to walk, I had to walk, but by golly I was going to finish this 100 km. I had to fight more self doubt by entering in chatter with other participants to pass time. I quickly found out that I couldn’t run more that 2 consecutive days without bad pain in my knees. I tried to be encouraging but he seemed pretty resigned to his fate. Road: Time Limit. I got fully stocked up before embarking on the stretch that meant I needed to cross the 7 miles with no more refills of ice/water/food. Then in English I explained to him the flags represented my family. While trying to pick targets down the road, I once thought a street sign was a runner up in front of me. By the end of the year I was running more but not with a real focus on any goal. I read a lot of books. (After the race I figured out that I left wifi running on the watch and how to turn on UltraTrac mode to give it near 40 hours of life–would have been nice to know beforehand!) I will make sure to have two water bottles: one with Tailwind and one with pure water. 2. My feet were a wreck from blistering but my muscles and legs themselves felt pretty darn good. It was known for just cooking the air. While I did slow down and start mixing in some walking, I had another huge problem. I did some soul searching while hobbling forward and said to myself that I was going to get there some way or another. I quickly found out that I couldn’t run more that 2 consecutive days without bad pain in my knees. Unfortunately, when I swung my right knee over the guardrail, I smacked my kneecap dead against one of the wood and metal posts. It definitely put me on alert the rest of the race. That led me to the Keys 100 in May 2015. The tentative 2021 race date (40th annual) is April 17th, 2021. ( Log Out /  I bid him farewell as our intervals didn’t match up any longer. Written by Neil Turnbull - At the time of my attempt, I had moved from Luxembourg and was visiting my family in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Very interesting, I thought. Hot, dreary, non-moving air, and I tell you it felt slightly uphill the entire time. I crossed the German border after 6 hours and 22 minutes of running. I had various negative reasons for not running in a race including, self-doubt, not feeling like I belong, and fear of failure. Written by Avery Frantz - 1. Great read and congrats on your first race and first 100 m! From that point on I did intervals of about 20 min of slow running with 5 min of walking. For those that aren’t familiar with the country, don’t get too impressed. Was I self-sabotaging just hours before things were set to go? As a side note, since I live outside of the States, I do all my calculations of pace, distance, etc. I set my sights on January 2013 and trained throughout the fall. For a moment I thought my day was over. This was quite a bit slower than I normally run at that heart rate in equivalent temperatures and humidity in México. To recap:  The sole of my left foot was badly blistered due to over lubricating it with aquafor–which I had never done before, both of my big toenails were lifted up due to huge blood blisters underneath because of my feet sliding forward due to the aquafor, my left ankle was bruised and unbeknownst to me at the time was swelling from the suitcase I dropped on it, and now my right knee hurt like it was broken in half. OUCH and why wasn’t I more careful? Luckily, which happened many times due to the huge generosity of the fellow runners and crews, another group saw my despair and filled up my bottles with what I needed. My experience from training in 103-108 degree F (39-42 C), made me drink lots of my tailwind concoction. [This Dec. 2018 NY Times article highlights the Florida Keys] The Coveted 100 Mile Individual Race Finisher Buckle. At this point I had been redlining–and it really sucked. My idea was to run the first 50 miles in around 9 hours to give me 11 for the second half. If the next meeting point was a 1.5 miles or less, I’d run all the way until I saw her. If it was further, I’d run about a 1.5 miles, walk for 150 meters, and then run until I would see her again. I changed my mind about 3 times before realizing it really was a post with a sign. They were both in some pain and needed some stretching and regrouping. My oldest daughter Fiona was so excited about this race and had even run with me some while I was training.

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