Both translate to English as "no", but "nein" is what you use to answer a yes-or-no question, while "kein" (or "keine" or "keinen", depending on gender and case) indicates number or amount - "Ich habe kein Geld" - "I have no money." Rewrite the sentences by negating using nicht or kein. I didn’t order coffee, but tea. She didn’t buy a jacket, but trousers. Ist die Uhr alt? Ich habe keine Probleme. • to negate entire thoughts, verbs, adjectives, and elements of the sentence other than nouns: Verstehst du? End of the free exercise to learn German: Negation -nicht and kein A free German exercise to learn German. Use “kein” if what you are negating is. ⇨ I don’t want any apples. (Er ist kein Lehrer would mean that he’s not a teacher at all.) a noun preceded by ein/eine; a noun not preceded by any article; Use “nicht” if what you are negating is. I just want to add a smiley :) =I have no problems. I'm guessing nein is more forceful and formal language than nee, which seems to be slang.. The miracle of “nein”, “nicht” and “kein/e” Now, after reading this article you should be aware of when to use “nein”, “nicht” and “kein” or “keine” and how to integrate them properly into a sentence. Ich kenne keinen guten Zahnarzt. ⇨ I don’t have a sofa. Ich habe keinen Kaffee, sondern Tee bestellt. Sie hat sich nicht eine Jacke gekauft, sondern eine Hose. Nein, er ist nicht der Lehrer. Get an EIN EIN vs. FEIN. will precede the noun. Ich habe keinerlei Probleme. The difference between EIN vs. FEIN is merely a matter of perspective, and why we use the tax ID number to accomplish any number of tasks. In comparisons with sondern we can use both kein and nicht.. Nein… Copy this to my account; E-mail to a friend; Find other activities Tools. Spielst du gern Tennis? Nein, ich verstehe nicht. When you want to use not or no in relation to a noun you should use a form of kein.Simply kein is used in situations where nicht ein would otherwise occur.. In general, when a tax ID number is used by a business for identification purposes, the number is commonly referred to as a Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN for short. a noun preceded by “der/das/die.” Nicht vs. Kein. Example: Ich habe nicht Kaffee, sondern Tee bestellt. ⇨ I don’t like coffee. =I have no problems, whatsoever. Other German exercises on the same topic : Negation | All our lessons and exercises I've also heard a politician say nein when she wanted to make a strong stand again a comment. “Nicht” vs “Kein” If what you are negating is a noun, “nicht” or “kein” (or “keine,” “keinen” etc.) Ich will keine Äpfel. When to use “kein”? The only time I've ever seen Germans say nein is in the movies or in textbooks. Ich mag keinen Kaffee. I didn’t order coffee, but tea. Example sentences: Ich habe kein Sofa. Nein, ich spiele nicht gern Tennis. Using kein/nicht with sondern.

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