Our grandchildren (5 year old and 14 year old boys) live with us. please let me know if FreeFit planks are still available in Australia. Providence incorporates distinctive open grain patterns and soft blonde highlights, embodying the comforting warmth of a traditional North American white oak. I have a portable dish washer that I wheel across my kitchen floor to hook up to the faucet. At first I was satisfied with the tiles but have noticed that in the past 12 months gaps have started to appear between the edges of the planks. thanks! I’ll never install this type of flooring again, and you shouldn’t either if you value your time and money. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. The underlay of the planks has telegraphed to the top of the planks over the space of a couple of years. We are planning to install Invincible Vinyl Plank flooring in our family room. Hi Dan, if its just a thin layer and isn’t going to affect the level of your existing floor then there shouldn’t be a problem. The classic mid-brown Karndean LooseLay Tasmanian Wattle is an ideal flooring choice for practically any space - and it comes with a lifetime residential warranty! I have at least made my decision – I am definately going with luxury vinyl timber look planks in my kitchen / family / hallway (this has only taken me close on 8 years to get to the point where I can make it a reality). What type of cleaner should be used on this type of floor? It’s going to cost a lot of money and my concern is whether it’s going to mark/scratch easily?? With its innovative K-Wave friction grip backing, LooseLay Country Oak is ideal for installation over most existing hard floors with little or no need for adhesives, meaning it's faster and easier to fit and repair. However, my basement tends to flood here and there… I see everywhere that vinyl plank is perfect for this… however, how would water not enter the underneath of the flooring from the edges? Q: Can Karndean vinyl flooring … Plus it is warmer underfoot than real stone and softer than real hardwood, and certain manufacturers are offering Looselay tiles that can be used with underfloor heating. I found it to be very important to also tamp it again as you lay the next row. Should we worry about installing this floor? (I am in sales – shocking at boosting my GP as I am far too honest). The main disadvantage of Looselay at this point is that it hasn’t been taken up by all vinyl tile manufacturers yet, so the ranges available are still relatively limited (in comparison to LVT, for example). I like to add a medallion to my foyer entry and was wondering if any available options. I simply turned on my shop vac and suctioned up a piece and dropped another one in. hi It is very durable, the wear layer is hard to scratch with a knife (I tried). The colors are highlighted by shades of tan and honey with a muted gray pastel wash. Very durable. So we recently saw that Karndean have added some new designs to “an innovative format of luxury vinyl flooring” that requires no adhesive. An error has occurred. Please ensure that you've linked and confirmed an email address with your Facebook account before logging into Karndean. We are a big family of adults and kids that hate wearing socks/slippers and we now have footprints everywhere that I can not seem to wipe off. Thank you. Thank you. My husband made patterns and used a box knife to meticulously cut the shapes up against the fireplace. The basement has a floor drain back in a corner area and this produce seems like it could flex nicely on the drains associated slopes. Copyright Karndean. Our dealer marvellous and gave us extra tiles to re-arrange. it doesnt move when sliding large items across the floor, Always put felt pads on all your furniture. One benefit of loose lay LVT is that it can be installed over top of any existing hard surface currently in your home. I have existing 12 inch tile floor throughout the house and was planning on instaling the vinyl floor planks over the tile (approx.2,700 square feet). friction grip backing, Karndean LooseLay Indiana is ideal for installation over most existing hard floors with little or no need for adhesives, meaning it's faster and easier to fit and repair. However, where Tarkett really stands out above the rest of its competitors is with its innovative Tarkolay product. Jason. It is something that they are going to have to correct. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products. Hello, I’m planning on installing the Luxury Vinyl Floor Planks in my home. For added authenticity you should look at the Intaglio and EIR collections which have 3D printing graphics which means that they have textured surfaces that effectively mimic the real thing. I am considering finishing my concrete garage floor with this. Then drag all you want…. Never drag furniture across any flooring, it will either come up or scratch or worse. Cheers Other benefits include the fact that modern vinyl techniques mean that most Looselay tiles are pretty durable with manufacturers offering guarantees of up to 15 years, and they are also extremely low maintenance; click here for other durable flooring options. Sorry, an email address associated with your Facebook account is required. The tenant before I bought it was taming feral cats, and well…I’ve had to paint the floor with a few coats of odor blocking paint from zinsser/kilz and there’s no longer any smell, the surface damage is minor. Gerflor also has a line they refer to as Vinyl Rolls Looselay (Home Comfort, HQR, Texline, Solidtex and Primetex), and whilst these floors indeed do not require glue, they are in fact vinyl sheet not tiles or planks! I actually don’t have a 100% answer to this, so my advice is to go straight to the manufacturers with any questions on a particular product. I would have thought though that in a worst case scenario you could remove the adhesive from the concrete floor? However, since not grouted like tile, I would suggest a waterproof membrane underneath, since the vinyl is waterproof, but the un-grouted seams are not.. As for installation, we have a large stone fireplace in our basement, with uneven and jagged outlines.

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