The majority of cells in the human body exist at the G0 stage of interphase, which denotes the state of nondividing cells. All the cells are not similar. A complex division of labor appears to be strongly correlated with the rise o… This ensures a high degree of efficiency as the right man is put in the right job. This adds to his productivity. Division of labour is seen even within a single cell. In a division of labor, the production process is broken down into a sequence of stages, and workers are assigned to particular stages. There is an old adage which... Division of labor allows for increased output per worker. One worker may, therefore, be considered to have made 4,800 pins in a day. In the absence of division of labour one man could have made only one pin in a day or at the most only 20 pins. Stomach is responsible for secreting digestive juice which are acidic in nature and kill the bacteria. This is a great economic gain. All the cells specialised for performing similar functions are grouped together as tissues in the body. This division of labor has its own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage of division of labour is that it increases immensely the productivity per worker. Explain. Saves a great deal of time. Dexterity and Skill 4. Multicellular organs are composed of many cells. Ten men make 48,000 pins in a day. This shows division of labor as each of the organs and organ systems are assigned specified roles which is needed in a complex body such as that of a human being. ~ Also related are papers by Ciccone and Matsuyama (in this issue) and Rodrik (1995). Nation also is benefitted with the Division of Labour, Important advantages are: 1. The process of pin making is divided into 18 distinct operations. For example, beta cells in the pancreas are responsible for releasing insulin into the bloodstream. Multicellular organisms, which have tissues. Economy in the Use of Tools 7. Division of labor enables the workers to acquire more skills in the job that they are given. Intestines are responsible for digestion and absorption. Division of labour is seen even within a single cell. Each part has a specific job to do. A cell will continue into the mitotic cycle if it receives a signal at the G1 checkpoint telling it to divide. Cheaper Goods 9. Explain the association of carbohydrate to the plasma membrane. It is most often applied to systems of mass production and is one of the basic organizing principles of the assembly line.Breaking down work into simple repetitive tasks eliminates unnecessary motion and limits the handling of different tools and parts. It is due to the fact that when a worker is performing the same operation over and over again, he can think of doing that process in a better and improved manner. A worker is not provided with a complete set of tools required for the whole process. Some of them are: Brain, Spinal cord, nerves, skin, ears, eyes, Communication via signals between different parts of the body and between cells, reaction to stimuli, Lungs, Nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea, bronchial tubes, Intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide from the body, Stomach, Teeth, Liver, Tongue, Intestines, pancreas, esophagus, Breakdown of food and absorption of energy, Transport of nutrients, water, salts, fighting infections(immunity), Removal of metabolic waste products from the body, maintenance of osmotic balance. Prohibited Content 3. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Some of the major advantages of division of labour are as follows: 1. Explain the cartwheel structure of centriole. Another significant advantage is that it promotes the development of new ideas and better techniques of doing the work. Historically, as societies have developed more and more complex divisions of labors, the economiesof those societies has grown proportionately, both in trade output and living standards. What is the biochemical composition of plasma membrane?

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