There is a higher possibility of committing errors, either misspeaking words or using them in an inappropriate way. But you can be better prepared than many to deal with the speaking tasks by simply being aware and following these IELTS speaking test tips. 2 Practice Sample Questions. 5) Understand What You’ll Be Tested On. 3 Ask Questions to the Examiner. Listening to debating programs in television or talk shows in the radio... 3. Listen to TV programs and Radio Talk Show Think about what you can say in various situations that may arise during the test. 3) Grow Your Vocabulary. The total duration of the exam will be 14-15 minutes. A candidate has only between 11 to 14 minutes to convince your interviewer that you can speak your mind in English. Top 9 IELTS Speaking Tips 1) Commit To Speaking English Every Day. Read and improve your range of vocabulary. 6) Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses. Yikes! For example, the first part of the text will ask you about things like … 5 Extend your … If you’re familiar with the format of the IELTS Speaking test and the types of questions asked, then you can start planning. 1. Given below are a few IELTS speaking tips and tricks that will help you to speak with confidence in the actual test. IELTS Speaking tips: ensure you prepare beforehand for half one, as a solid introduction may be favorable in your interviewer’s eyes. 4 Bring Emotions in your Speech. Contents [ show] 1 Be fluent. Abstain from using words that you are inexperienced with. IELTS speaking tips and tricks don’t include impressing the examiner with big and complex words in your IELTS Speaking Test. What Gets Tested in IELTS Speaking Questions. Surely not knowledge! it’s conjointly a symptom of confidence and self management, thus don’t neglect it! Practice As they say “practice makes perfect”, you really need to perfect expressing your yourself and ideas... 2. HOW TO PREPARE FOR IELTS SPEAKING TEST 1. 2) Practise Answering IELTS-Style Questions. About the IELTS Speaking Exam For anyone who is just starting out with their IELTS speaking preparation, it’s important to understand the structure of the exam. The IELTS speaking exam has 3 tasks and each part takes about 4 to 5 minutes. 4) Know the Exam.

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