It would not matter to them if they have to break into your home and steal what they need. Arm your perimeter with a complete surveillance system. Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary written by Jim Cobb is without a doubt one of the best comprehensive options available when it … Today is National Voter Registration Day! Use apps that allow you to view your home from your mobile device. While a stun gun pumps volts of electricity into an intruder’s body to weaken him, pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, a pepperish chemical that inflicts burning pain on the eyes and nostrils. If you don't have a gun, and you can't or don't want to defend yourself by other violent means, there is always the oldest and most effective home alarm system ever invented: a bunch of dogs! The book he wrote, Street Sword, caused a lot of “traditional martial arts” people to lose their minds at the time. Aside barking to alert you, most home security dogs are trained to attack an intruder. Most intruders operate in the dark at night. Use a monitoring firm that will send help if an intruder trips an alarm. Well, I advice you read on. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Of course, an intruder won’t come with pruning shears. Keep it fully loaded with one in the chamber. Even if your state or country allows people to carry guns, most of the time, you don’t need one to ward off intruders who may try to get into your home. plan a, plan b plan c. how to get together where to get together if at school and work. Home security alarms deter intruders who fear they might get caught. Not really. That’s because the book teaches ANYONE the body mechanics of how to use a machete or a sword safely and effectively, all while defending your home or fighting off somebody who’s trying to attack you.. An even worst case is they suspect your gun is real (which is what you’re trying to achieve) and they inflict more damage on you than they were going to as they feel their life is in danger. So, they can easily tell when something is wrong. In the process, you and your loved ones could get hurt. 3. Part of HuffPost Crime. Install cameras inside your house as well. You need to know how to use it, know the laws of your city and state, and prepare your home … Although most burglars have tools for easily breaking into homes, you can make your home more difficult to break for them to break into. This is also necessary for dealing with smart intruders that have successfully broken into your home. Your tool must not be too long or too short. Use apps that allow you to view your home from your mobile device. pump shotgun. So, your dog either knocks him down or chases him away. Of course, they hate to be seen. Then all you have to do is click the safety off. A smart intruder can easily beat all your security checks and get into your home. How do you protect your home at night? If your fence is short, raise it beyond what anyone can easily scale, and embellish it with barbed wires. Yes, you can protect your home without a gun. While a stun gun pumps volts of electricity into an intruder’s body to weaken him, pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, a pepperish chemical that inflicts burning pain on the eyes and nostrils. How do you defend your home from invaders such as armed robbers, burglars, assassins or serial killers, kidnappers, etc? Hiding your guns in other properties that you own might be risky because those properties are linked to your name. Installing a surveillance camera is another smart security move that can protect your home from intruders. Not only will the homeowner be awakened by even a tiny dog’s frantic barking when it hears/smells a stranger on the premises, but it will get the attention of neighbors. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. However, you still have to defend your home against intruders; but you will have to try different approaches in without breaking the rules in your state or country. Always keep a baseball bat, an ugly, rugged stick, or some other long and hard object beside or beneath your bed. This stuff works. You have to find other ways to defend yourself, your family, as well as your property. So a few urban survival suggestions to defend your home: Do not be alone when SHTF. have plans. 4. Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. And if it is too short, you will need to get too close before you can strike – which may be dangerous. Having been in the security industry for many years, I have instructed homeowners on proven ways to protect their home without using a firearm. It doesn’t have to be roses. dogs are easy to kill if there are looters who plan to kill you. Don’t get ahead of yourself with swords or weaponry you’re not trained to use, or that look effective but can’t be swung in limited space. So, yes – a BB Gun is dangerous, but probably more dangerous to you than the person you’re trying to defend … 3. So, if you have always wondered how you can defend your home without necessarily having a gun, put into action all you just learned in this post, and you will thank me for it. Many a burglar will flee when little Princess begins yipping like mad, let alone Duke. A stun gun or pepper spray is an ideal example. Security cameras, when detecting motion, can emit a siren or lighting that can alert the homeowner via a smartphone. Grab the baseball bat or golf club (that you have at your bedside) to prepare for possible defense. The problem is if the EOTW comes at a time when the government would not allow you to have any gun at home. Both pepper and wasp spray are non-lethal weapons that serve as effective deterrents because they inflict significant irritation to the mouth and eyes. In case you don’t like roses, try some other plant with thorns (blackberries are a good example). How to Defend Your Home Without a Gun: The Blueprint For Protecting Your Family and Securing Your Home Against Intruders [Kirk, Ernie] on The more you can implement, the harder it becomes for intruders to invade your home. an attack dog would force someone to start killing and it would be the dog first. So, it is only smart to implement as many of them as you can. Below are seven tips for defending your home even when you don’t have a gun: Dogs have very strong senses of sight and hearing. And the best home defense weapon is a 12ga. So that you won’t be caught unawares by such, always have a close range security defense tool.

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