Yes you can use a condenser mic without phantom power, however, its not advised because too many problems will happen if you do this. Here are a few examples: Simply plug the microphone into the unit and then use your chosen interface to form a bridge to the PC. RELATED: Audio Interfaces: The Definitive Guide (2020), Your mixer or audio interface should have a switch that allows you to turn on phantom power. Condenser Microphone > XLR Cable > USB Soundcard > Computer. Audio Interfaces: The Definitive Guide (2020), Best Portable Digital Recorder for Live Music in 2020, How to Connect a Microphone to a Laptop for Recording, How To Connect A Condenser Mic to a Computer, Having to crank the gain up to ridiculous amounts which will raise the noise floor, More processing needed to the recorded vocal, Uneven vocals if you are using a compressor. When you turn on Phantom Power, you will notice that the mic sounds loud so we need to make sure that we area always recording on optimal levels. We're LIVE with the Windows Central Video Podcast today at 2:30pm ET, make sure you're there! Please help, how do I get rid of that and have a clean, clear recording experience. To cut to the chase, the answer is technically yes, you can record without Phantom Power, but it’s not advised to do so. You’re welcome. The reason why condenser microphones sound so good is because most if not all of them require a power supply. Looking forward to utilizing all of your helpful tips! If you don’t turn on your 48v Phantom power switch, it will record all sound at very quiet levels. I haven't connected a phantom power, it records well but there is a constant noise/static in the background. On your audio interface, look for the gain knob and just turn it down to a level that makes sense for you. Before we get into why, let’s learn a little bit about what a condenser microphone is and what it can do. Its best to always turn phantom power on when you are using the mic so that you can record at optimal levels. So many people have asked questions like “Does a condenser microphone need phantom power?” or “Can I use a condenser mic without Phantom Power?”. Audio Interfaces. Now you can configure your recording levels. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Here's a quick shopping list: Audio interfaces are expensive solutions that handle everything we need for a microphone to PC connection to be established. This power supply is called 48-volt “Phantom Power”. These microphones are primarily used for recording vocals, sound effects, and instruments including guitar, piano, trumpet and percussion type instruments. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. What did I do wrong? Do you and your favorite condenser mic the favor and hit that 48v switch. , Very informative article! An easy alternative to all this hassle is USB microphones, though their quality is rarely as good as traditional microphones. There are three things you need: a condenser mic, a sound card, and a mixing console. Two words … phantom power. You connected the interface to your computer and finally you engaged phantom power mode (48V). As is the case with microphones, they produce analog signals that needs to be converted into digital format for your PC to handle. Not just any laptop is going to work for VR, though, so we rounded up your best options right here. To achieve this, we'll need a few extra things to ensure the microphone is able to connect to the PC and you (and others) will be able to hear recorded sound input. We need a pre-amp, analog-to-digital conversion (which many pre-amps can handle), and phantom power. Now you can configure your recording levels. A Condenser microphone is a type of microphone that captures sound with a larger frequency range and dynamic range. Learn more. If you have the money to splash out on an audio interface, it's recommended you do so for an optimal experience.

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