Next Last. Thread starter Random Hero; Start date Sep 10, 2011; 1; 2; Next. You have to have quality pickups/amp in order for these little changes to actually make a difference that can be heard. Big improvement. Graph Tech string saver saddles - your experiences? R. Random Hero Member. About This Item. Definitely helps greatly reduce string breakage and also improved tuning and intonation. Only 1 left in stock. The rest of the saddle is stainless steel, I think. JP. Graph Tech String Saver PS 8000-00 - Originals Strat & Tele Style Saddles - 2 1/16" Spacing 4.8 out of 5 stars 149. I'm pretty sure these are the stock saddles on Tom Anderson "S" guitars, if that … A very clear, wide-range and articulate (not tinny) tone. So I got the Resomax on, the tailpiece on, and setup the string height and intonation, and was immediately greeted with a much more lively sounding guitar. But again, it took me a few years of playing on Graph Tech String Saver saddles, then I switched back to solid steel (not bent steel, solid machined stainless steel saddles) and the improvement was slight but definitely noticeable. String Savers enhance tone and sustain, too. Based on Graph Tech's high density TUSQ ® polymer, a resonant man-made ivory, they're impregnated with microscopic Teflon ®, 500% more slippery than graphite. 7 people found this helpful. 1 of 2 Go to page. Graphtech claims it removes the 2K spike most metal bridges add, and that is what I am hearing as well. The FerraGlides have graphite only at the point of contact on the saddle. Go. Irich True Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut with 2Pcs Sand Paper, Set of 6 String Guitar Saddle and Nut, Replacement Parts for Acoustic and Folk Guitar 4.5 out of 5 stars 109. 0 Comment Report abuse. Sep 10, 2011 #1 I'm thinking of putting these on my Strat but I don't really want to dull the tone too much. This thing works. Play longer and harder without breaking strings! Helpful. Impressive. Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2016. I highly recommend this bridge, worth the money for sure! I ended up replacing the graphite GraphTech saddles with the FerraGlide Graphtech saddles. GRAPH TECH STRING SAVER PG-8000-00 – CLASSICS STRAT & TELE STYLE SADDLES – 2 1/6“ STRING SPACING – BRUSHED STEEL FINISH: The PG-8000-00 is a set of six String Saver Classics for a Strat or Tele style guitar with a 2 1/16" string spacing with a brushed steel finish. Color: Nickel Verified Purchase. £37.12. 4.0 out of 5 stars Not a locking bridge. £6.99. Customer Reviews; Scroll to Top String Saver Saddles. Messages 3,328. I have no issues with the Graphtech string trees on my G + Ls but I would just as soon the stock type trees on everything else. Now my sound is much more bell-like with a bit more brightness and attack.

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